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"I don’t take it (Black lives matter) as a political issue," Arias said. Corrections? The funders of the RNC’s 2020 legal war chest are a who’s who of plutocrats and industry titans for whom a $100,000 check to the president is pocket change. "The minimum wage in Georgia is $5.15 per hour," Ufot told POPSUGAR. Omissions? When he rails against voter fraud, he is actually railing against the fact Democrats are still allowed to vote. “They’re not whispering it. Pundits and data analysts obsessed over Florida polls but failed to note that more than 1 in 5 black Floridians could not vote because of a Jim Crow–era felon disenfranchisement law. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). What’s Trump’s Endgame if the Race Is Called for Biden. It has revived a theory so radical and anti-democratic that the Bush v. Gore majority refused to adopt it. Defeated US politicians do not shout about the illegality or injustice of their opponents’ electoral practices. "(Voter suppression) does concern me but one thing about the people of Detroit and people of color that I’ve come across... it almost ignites a new fire to make sure that their vote is counted," Rochon said. Ufot noted that there's also a lot of energy and enthusiasm around restoring the full protections of the Voting Rights Act. Want more Rolling Stone? Already have an account with TheArticle? They’re shouting it.”, Justin Clark, a senior lawyer on the Trump 2020 campaign, had a message for the group of Republican lawyers gathered at a members-only club in Madison, Wisconsin, last November. Use it or lose it, the Supreme Court says. 06 NOV 2020, by It’s everybody who doesn’t plan to vote for Trump. This was taken as evidence that they had moved out of state or county. Voter suppression can take many forms, according to Doug Hess, PhD, an assistant professor of political science at Grinnell College who specializes in voting rights and social policy. Relying on federal protection, African American voters elected hundreds of Black state representatives and 16 Black U.S. representatives and senators. By 1870 nearly all of the former Confederate states were controlled by the Republican Party. “We’ve never had a president delegitimize our democratic process intentionally,” says Rachel Bitecofer, a senior fellow and election forecaster at the Niskanen Center. As for the real scale of voter fraud — in 2016, throughout the entire United States, the total number of documented cases of double-voting was four. Although members of both major political parties in the United States have participated in voter suppression efforts (notably Southern Democrats from the Reconstruction era to the mid-20th century), most contemporary instances of voter suppression have taken place in Republican-controlled states. But suddenly Republican elected officials, from Trump on down to local lawmakers, are blocking efforts to make it easier to vote by mail. Some Black voters in Detroit also received literature in the mail falsely telling them they had until Nov. 10 to vote due to COVID-19 concerns, said Shannon Rochon, a local community organizer.

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