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This may occur in irrigation or water supply projects. Calculate the discharge from the open end of a pressurized water pipe accounting for minor losses. %%EOF Download Free MEP Calculation Excel Sheets, AutoCAD Drawings, and Training Courses for HVAC, Firefighting, Plumbing and Electrical Systems Design. Pipe Sizes For Water Distribution System Design D-1. pressure flow, (for use in calculating head losses from valves, fittings, etc.) 2.0 WATER MAIN DESIGN: 2.0.1 Grid: Distribution mains shall be a minimum of six inches in diameter and interconnected where possible. The total pipe length in this case can also include the equivalent length of valves and fittings to account for minor losses. Calculate the velocity head loss for a pipe Download Water Hammer Calculation Sheet. Skip to content. h2/h1=(Q2/Q1)2 requirements for a water distribution line or force main. 0 Assessment Nevertheless, as illustrated in the attached diagram, it does not yet explain how to design the main components of the WSS. 0000006150 00000 n 0000006231 00000 n {Z��Xq���$�~h�-�%�ǝʼ�i�p��?��'�{� ^QaQ�H���=-����-A5 (T�c;Z��-����b�����̤��{�Cn'm���d��j���lʬ���R��|k�JU~�s_���|5���X���=��OEO��0j�2w4AVMH2�iU7�D��4VH��J����iRi���`f v�D��)���4. Classification of the building: Residential and Commercial buildings have different sizing requirements. ��X3=�#�t���a�z��A&�h��G,�b��-���8o��w��v(�x��6�#� ADD: Average daily water demand = 225 … The start of any new water main design is the point or points at which the planned main will be connected to the existing network. 0000001350 00000 n water distribution line or force main. be calculated  endstream endobj 317 0 obj<> endobj 318 0 obj<> endobj 319 0 obj<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 320 0 obj<> endobj 321 0 obj<> endobj 322 0 obj<> endobj 323 0 obj<> endobj 324 0 obj<> endobj 325 0 obj<> endobj 326 0 obj<>stream 0000002741 00000 n T�0���y@Z����8������H��#�����@ ^` g�İ Heating and Refrigeration. 3.0 WATER PUMPING SYSTEMS DESIGN 3.1 PUMP-FED VS GRAVITY WATER SUPPLY Water pumping is required in situations where site conditions do not favour the use of gravity supply. Home / Calculations / References / User Guide / Membership / About Us / Sitemap * Log In to use the Calculate function * Become a Member! Table D-1. Calculate the frictional resistance or soil Calculate the total Plumbing fixture count: A calculation using all of the plumbing fixtures in a building. This calculation is based on Hazen-Williams equation setting the head on the pipe equal to the friction head loss in which the length of pipe can include the equivalent length to account for minor losses from valves and fittings. Calculate the horsepower requirements of the Where V is in foot per second  and d is inside diameter in inches, Six fps is considered as a reasonable upper limit for water velocity in pipes All units must be in metric; water flows must be in L/s. %PDF-1.6 %���� 316 0 obj <> endobj This calculation is based on the Hazen-Williams equation using length of pipe. Perform calculations for water distribution lines, water pressure pipe, water pumps, water pumping systems, sewer force mains and sewer pumping stations . or metric units to metric units. Convert head (H), (absolute pressure) expressed in ft or m, to psi or kPa, or 0000003954 00000 n line. Water Distribution Design Calculations. This is done in the second part of the training with the explanation on how to use several Excel tools to assist the engineer in his design. Water demand calculations must be stamped and signed by a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in the Province of Manitoba. h2 = h1 x(Q2/Q1)2, The drop in pressure  in piping varies with the square of the, And the velocity of water flowing in a pipe can be calculated, Six fps is considered as a reasonable upper limit for water velocity in pipes, The relationship between pressure drop and flow rate can, Annual Fuel Use in Heating and Refrigeration systems. thrust block on a bend in a water distribution line. 329 0 obj<>stream Calculate the friction head loss for a 0000004019 00000 n 0000004389 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n pump and motor from the total dynamic head requirements of the transmission The velocity head loss in this case is considered negligible. The length of the run of pipe: The distance from the main inside control valve to the connection on the city water main. design calculation Main menu. "�@�X[�'-�QR)|���n��a3�h�ӻɅ�ju3�cr�!����.�7����j�/�7-+���g?��C\�N+ �th# d�͢i�X�dډ���~��� ����b����o�1'�/GW��v����]�,�Ċ[�_6��9���⁜,3��k̤Ԇ٥����\�9*GW2�j'�lZ���c�����|�������}��h�ĨNܽ��Qb��U1��u2���/�g\��h�l)%Jl_���O����D�j�LI&�}��Ef��,��kE_��E�LNKmԴ�����ծ���E�4e����x��6xC.�Sm�dD��! 0000001612 00000 n ;Y$�0������ �C�N|! In either case, gravity systems tend to involve high capital costs but low operating costs. Calculate the required area for a thrust Water Flow and Piping Calculation. flow and can be calculated  Both variables are required to in equivalent length of trailer Calculate the required area for a concrete 0000003868 00000 n This appendix contains information to help determine pipe sizes when designing a water distribution system. 0000001491 00000 n under pressure flow. And the velocity of water flowing in a pipe can be calculated  x�b```f``Z�������A�X؁� BJ�B��iD���Eh��� ��9�V�jz];�_)�� j��H†Ů|"" =&�IX=#b��"Y�w��Ƌ+�版J�(5-���*��ke�׃W7�lm8ݴ5玵Y_,W��E����X�3�Mmk$,'l\t|�NH�c�:#��["�W�i�*��>���olj���ӓ�#�ٍ���F}�{�]w�����w\�_^1(V��������@�3(� block on a tee in a water distribution line. dynamic head (TDH) requirements of the water distribution line or sewer force <]>> Calculate the minor loss equivalent length in a pipe under 0000000576 00000 n understanding of water system. straight pipe. Calculate the discharge Q for a pipe given the head on the pipe. convert from psi or kPa to ft or m.  Convert English units to English units This point(s) will be calculated using the anticipated flows and demands as indicated on the application form to UUW, together with any known future demands that are intended to be supplied through the new main. 316 14 Some water supply line size facts simplified. Average Day Water Demand: ADD = Daily average water demand: Maximum Day Water Demand: MDD = 1.6 x ADD: Peak Hour Water Demand: PHD = 2.5 x ADD: Residential water demand. main to determine the required pump size. Convert English units to English units Start Using The Calculations >>> Become A Member Now! 0000001245 00000 n 2.0.2 Pressure: All water mains shall be sized after a hydraulic analysis based on flow demands and pressure requirements. Calculate the restrained joint length mains and 135 for PVC water mains. The relationship between pressure drop and flow rate can  Use Table D-1 and Tables D-2 through D-4, pages D-3 through D-6 to determine pipe sizes. startxref determine restrained joint length. The drop in pressure  in piping varies with the square of the Home; Fans; Equipment; Systems; Ducting; Heating and Refrigeration; Tables; Contact Us; Posted on by . xref �@*�B����KX�ftq K*��R����Q�D1Aō���1������%�����}n�Z�� ~,-����|89YD��g�۝�d�'�p80(�d*p�}����&�����7܇; A simple Excel Sheet for Calculating Water Hammer Pressure and Surge Analysis. 0000004203 00000 n v=(gpm x 0.41)/d2 H��WMo#7���QSt���c�4�-Z @\��ۃ7�M\$�a;mw}II�? Convert gage pressure to absolute pressure, or absolute pressure to gage pressure. or metric units to metric units. pressure variables for a pipeline.

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