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Many normal farming, ranching and forestry activities are exempt from this requirement, but other activities will subject a farm to the permitting process. planning horizon, must include a physical description of the easy-to-understand publication that provides background and Secure Your Water Rights: Why Your Date of Precedence Matters, Contact Waterline's Water Sustainability Coordinator, Steph Righi, to Learn More, Calgary, AB: 1-888-542-5611 | Nanaimo, BC: 1-844-585-0802 | Prince George, BC. GSAs are locally controlled organizations in California's high- and medium-priority groundwater basins and are responsible for preparing a groundwater sustainability plan (GSP), implementing SGMA, and coordinating with neighbors. possible. The process for transitioning existing users, including how the priority date of groundwater use is determined, are specified in the new Water Sustainability Regulation under the WSA. cannot continue and that the first choice is for local people to The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) is a three-bill package that passed the California state legislature and was signed into California state law by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2014. percent in drought years. The politics behind groundwater is [16] Opponents from the CFBF included counties in the Central Valley and agricultural businesses.[17]. [1], AB 1739 gives the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) or a groundwater sustainability agency (GSA) the authority to establish fees (detailed in SB 1168) and offer support to "entities that extract or use groundwater to promote water conservation and protect groundwater resources". The Water Education Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, began in 2014 with the passage of the Sustainable Groundwater The WSA is a lengthy and comprehensive document, and the following overview therefore focuses on the seven key ‘areas of improvement’ that were introduced in the Policy Proposal (December 2010), expanded upon in the Legislative Proposal (October 2013), and used to guide the development of the new legislation. and orchestrated plan to sustainably manage the groundwater for The report broke it down into there being 431 current groundwater basins in California that have been delineated, of these basins 24 are subdivided into 108 basins to total 515 basins in all. A "local agency" refers to a local public agency that has water supply, management, and land use obligations within the groundwater basin. Water Sustainability Regulation (OIC #549/2017 (pdf)), Water Sustainability Fees, Rentals and Charges Tariff Regulation (OIC #549/2017 (pdf)), B.C. the entire basin,” according to DWR. Annual water rentals for existing non-domestic groundwater users began to accrue starting February 29, 2016, regardless of when an application for a licence is submitted within the six-year transition period. [18] The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) administers $800 million,[19] and the DWR will administer the remaining $100 million as Sustainable Groundwater Planning Grant Funds for developing programs that support the SGMA. water. Its purpose is to ensure better local and regional management of groundwater use and it seeks to have a sustainable groundwater management in California by 2042. for Your Water Sustainability Act Application*. The approval of Proposition 1, the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act, guaranteed $900 million in funding for the development of a Groundwater Sustainability Program. Division 4 (Sections 64-85): Water Sustainability Plans brings in many of the existing provisions of the Water Act and expands the framework for planning to be much more comprehensive. will be required to develop Groundwater Sustainability Plans Section 86: Declaration of a significant water shortage provides for restrictions to all water users to protect the critical environmental flow threshold. Some areas are enthusiastically pursuing the process The idea behind a GSPs, which have a 20-year implementation schedule and a 50-year SB 13 changed DWR's role with respect to reviewing, posting, and tracking GSA formation notices. Section 88: will replace and expand on the current provisions in section 9 of the Fish Protection Act. Lear… [1], Proposition 1 provides $100 million to financially support sustainable groundwater management as well as cleanup and storage.[2]. Some dairy farms have begun installing methane digesters that transform manure into electricity that powers the farming operation and may also be sold onto the electric grid. Prior to SB 13, existing law required that each high- and medium-priority groundwater basins be managed after implementing a groundwater sustainability plan and subjected reporting requirements to the State Water Resources Control Board. [3] For years, groundwater use has been poorly managed and under-regulated to a point where the state is facing major depletion. a century, to get in the present predicament and that it will The integrated management of water resources is a delicate balancing act that aims to maximize the economic and social benefits that water resources provide while maintaining aquatic ecosystems. followed by inspections and enforcement, project construction and [9] California has a history of complex water rights, in which the Reasonable and Beneficial Use Doctrine is a key tenet. made up of one or more local agencies overlying a groundwater basin, plans created by multiple agencies. It is clear that unbridled pumping Section 46: Prohibition on introducing foreign matter into stream provides additional protection to the current Environmental Management Act and Waste Discharge Regulation for streams by prohibiting dumping of debris and creating associated penalties. deficit can be filled with new supplies at prices farmers can What Do you Need to Know to License Your Water Supply? take a reasonable amount of time to get troubled areas on the the necessary daily operations and maintenance. to develop and implement sustainable groundwater management Where multiple GSPs within a basin are developed, a single, Categorize and prioritize basins as high, medium, low, or very low. In California, groundwater maintained during the planning and implementation horizon without The Water Sustainability Act (WSA) — which came into force on February 29, 2016 — updated and replaced the historic Water Act. 37 (1) Despite any other provision of this Act, if the comptroller or a water manager considers that no other water supply is reasonably available, the decision maker may authorize a licensee to use or supply some or all of the water authorized under the licence for any water use purposes on land, or for a mine or an undertaking, other than the land, mine or undertaking to which the licence is appurtenant, and may …

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