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Browse through and read bellamy blake fanfiction love st adventure fanfiction stories and books . After being sent to the ground along with another ninety-nine delinquents, Lavender struggles to survive on earth as it turns out to be more dangerous than any of them anticipated. She stumbles through the forest, lost and unsure of what to do but a pair of green eyes pushed her on. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. She was responding, she was liking it. Anyway, enjoy if you can. Therefore, he could still transcend. Clarke Griffin's entire life is in shambles. "What?". Three months have gone by since the fall of the Mountain and ALIE. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", ~Only happy endings exist in my mind *ignores everything from season six and seven for enternity*~{Secondary Excerpt Below}. I don't have Tumblr so idk how I'd be able to get prompts but I do accept them, maybe comment them? Sign up Log in. Bellamy takes the glass back and takes Clarke's hand in his. Your review has been posted. ", His lashes lowered and he gazed at her through them. The question is: can he pass the final test. She pulled away with a satisfied grin and then glanced down. First Part : /After Mount Weather/ Clarke and Lexa got together after the brunette betrayal and they are now happy but a war with Azgeda is threatening to break the peace. She watched him curiously before returning to her work. Bellamy scowled, warning her with his glare at the consequences if she agreed to go with Finn. He moved lower, towards the center of her neck, leaving little marks on her skin. ... Jovanna Kane is 17 years old and she is sent to the ground with 100 prisoners and Bellamy Blake to test if earth is survibable. "Hey, I was looking for you. He died, but not for the cause. "What...the hell...was that? His heart leapt. And if he does... What does he choose for his destiny? She was so red, her fists clenched at her sides. For it is coming, and all they can do is be prepared for it when it knocks on their door. "If we had needle and thread I would be able to stitch it up, but...". Clarke left Camp Jaha, leaving behind a very confused Bellamy. "Oops. What happens when a war breaks out between Azgeda and Trikru? Clarke scoffs and takes the glass from Bellamy's hands and downs it in one gulp. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. ", I want to punch you in the face. She sighed, closing her eyes and leaning into his touch. His eyes followed to the direction of her gaze and widened at the redness seeping though his shirt. She would ride him, bringing him to an explosive release... His eyes met hers as she worked on his cut. In the wake of Queen Nia's death her son, King Roan, commands the Ice Nation and a tentative peace has settled between the thirteen clans. Slowly, their faces inched together, her sweet breath fanning his face. What was it about her that he found so enticing? Will she win back the person that means the most to her? ", Bellamy watched as she cleaned his cut, loving how adorable she looked with her eyes scrunched in concentration. Her fingers tugged at his hair. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Modern Setting Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, Clarke Griffin & Original Female Character(s), Bellamy Blake & Original Female Character(s), Octavia Blake & Original Male Character(s), Original Female Character - Asher Griffin, Bellarke have a one night stand and then reconnect 5 years later, there will be brief Clexa and brief Becho, Clarke and Bellamy reconnect through Octavia, some smut in there if i feel like writing it, Bellamy Blake/Original Female Character(s), Minor Finn Collins/Clarke Griffin - Relationship, References to Ancient Greek Religion & Lore, Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism. Clarke would glance at him now and then and he couldn't help but become happy to be getting her attention, even when she had two guys right in front of her. Suddenly she pulled away, and her mask was back. “Define a bit of a problem.” Murphy snorted. "Are you really that stupid to cut yourself with your own knife? )(Also G!P Lexa), When her world falls apart, Clarke Griffin finds love and support in the arms of her friends, but recovery is a painful journey, and self-care and self-love are even more difficult to find. Exactly what the title says. Princess Ariadne (or Clarke as she likes to be called, thank you very much) is tired of living in such a cruel kingdom. ", Clarke's haze lifted and she lifted a hand to her neck. ", Her face looked so adorable he wanted to grab her, hold her tight and never let her go. She responded finally, gently tugging her hand from his grip. "I want to show you something. Brainwashing, disciples, a Shepherd, planet hopping, and more. His possessiveness swept in. From this distance he knew they were talking about Jasper, and seeing as he had gotten up to walk for a bit with his friend, he figured he'd be okay. And what is their secret, you ask? "Clarke..." Bellamy warned. A kingdom where her mother and stepfather the King sacrifice people in the labyrinth against the dreaded Minotaur. Sign up Log in. What the hell?! Clarke will move heaven and earth to get him back. "What?" ❝ .❞. ", She scowled, but her features softened. Clarke is leaving Polis after the blockade has been enforced but will she tell Lexa how she feels before she does?

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