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Correctional Education Association PO Box 3430 Laurel, MD 20709. TPEI is a volunteer-run organization at the University of Texas at Austin offering credit-bearing college courses through UT-Extension to incarcerated youth and adults at no cost to students. Administrative Offices 320 First St. N.W. Pine was honored at a meeting of the WSD Board of Trustees in Austin, along with WSD regional finalists Dorothy Thomas and Donny Lowrance. You acknowledge your affiliation is one of the following: Correctional Education Association PO Box 3430 Laurel, MD 20709, Phone: 443-459-3080 Fax: 443-459-3088 Direct: 443-459-3080, Copyright 2020 Correctional Education Association, Evaluation of the Pathways from Prison to Post-Seconday Education, The Impact of Prison Education Programs on Post Release Outcomes, Correctional Education as a Crime Control Program, Education Reduces Crime – a joint publication of the CEA and MTC, New study Results on the Efficacy of Correctional Education, PRISON TO WORK PROJECT FOR THE MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, American Bar Association Juvenile Justice Center, American Probation and Parole Association, Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Council for Educators of At-Risk and Delinquent Youth, Council for Juvenile Correctional Administrators, ETR Associates (Education, Training & Research), Council for Higher Education Accreditation, Guide to Accredited Online Colleges & Universities, Prison to Work Project for the Maryland Department of Education, Friends of Austin H. MacCormick Island Academy, CEA Guidance Regarding Special Education in Adult Correctional Settings. Internationally Trained Professionals This is one of the organizations that services prisoners in the Walker and the rest of Texas. Look for an inmate using state inmate locators and search for their legal name. Kiara Wilson Executive Assistant  FIND A TRAINER, Workplace Literacy Since inception in July 2007, the PLI has trained more than 5,000 inmate peer tutors in Ohio and Louisiana. Our mission is to give you the resources and community you need to accomplish that. Correctional Education Association is located in the city of Huntsville. Welcome to CEA. JailAid Supports "Prison Lives", a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, Prison Lives was established to educate and enable prisoners to be productive individuals while incarcerated for a positive existence both inside and outside of prison life. It's the law. Post-Secondary Correctional Education Programs in Texas Accessibility Statement of Commitment: The Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning (TCALL) is committed to making digital information resources developed, maintained, distributed and procured by our institution accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Kiara Wilson Executive Assistant Correctional Education Association PO Box 3430 Laurel, MD 20709. Your mission is to deliver quality education and help inmates achieve successful release and reintegration into society. We are a professional association of educators and administrators who work in adult and juvenile corrections settings all over the world. NIC Info. Learn more about how to get the lowest cost for inmate calls on our homepage. Are You Committing a “Serious Felony” in California. We provide critical training, cutting-edge research, and valuable networking opportunities to our members so they can deliver effective, life-changing education to their students. 2018 TALAE - Partnering to Serving Justice Involved Individuals: What Are Their Needs? In 2005 CEA and its partners with the Ohio Department of Corrections launched the Peer Literacy Initiative. Also, you must complete the following application and agree to comply with the External Link Website Policy. Apply to Correctional Officer, Office Coordinator, Program Specialist and more! These 10 US States Are Locking Up More People Than The Rest Of The Country, Age of Consent in New York: On Statutory Rape and its Punishments, What Really Goes On Inside a Minimum Security Prison. Correctional Education Association - Help For Inmates, Correctional Education Association | Walker Texas. It's the smart thing to do. This CEA Standards Commission has established comprehensive Standards, a framework for evaluationg education programs in correctinal settings. Texas Adult Education & Literacy Hotline: In fact, in 2001, this was proven by the Correctional Education Association, who ran a study known as the ‘Three State Recidivism Study’ to directly investigate the benefits of correctional education. CEA publishes scientific and historical research to build a body of specific best practices. 2,392 Department of Correctional Education jobs available on CEA publishes scientific and historical research to build a body of specific best practices. Developing Problem-solving Strategies for Successful Reentry, Top Nine Reasons to Support Correctional Education Programs, Reaching Beyond Bars – A Handbook for Parents Incarcerated in Wisconsin and Their Families, Comprehensive Overview of Bipolar Disorder. 901D – 3rd flr. Teachers who participate in PLI can also receive college credit through our partners at Ashland University. Washington, DC 20534 800.995.6423 Training Center 11900 E Cornell Ave, Unit C Join us in welcoming our new CEA President, Kim Barnette, and Region 4 Director, Karen Evans. Donations to Correctional Education Association are tax deductible. Washington, DC U.S. Department of Education, 2011, Work First Baltimore Ex-Offender Reentry Program, Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), Texas Department of Juvenile Justice (TJJD), Texas Department of Criminal Justice Website for Work, Post-Secondary Correctional Education Programs in Texas (TDCJ), LINCS, the Literacy Information and Communication System, Post-Secondary Correctional Education Programs in Texas. Texas Department Of Criminal Justice- Austin 209 W 14th St Austin, TX 78701-1614 Phone: (512) 463-9988 Fax: (512) 305-9398 Corrections Websites Texas Department Of Criminal Justice- Austin Texas … Administered through the American Correctional Association (ACA), the Martin Luther King Jr. Texas Corrections Association Dedicated to Building and Enhancing the Corrections Profession Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 230-3972. All rights reserved. Post-secondary correctional education: An evaluation of parole performance. Scholarship is designed to provide $2,000 to minority students who are working towards a college education or graduate training to pursue a career in criminal justice, corrections, and/or law enforcement. There are three simple reasons for this commitment: It's the right thing to do. Incorporating accessibility into all aspects of our work ensures that valuable information acquired through teaching, learning and discovery is made available to the widest possible audience." A Reentry Education Model Supporting Education and Career Advancement for Low-Skill Individuals in Corrections, Serving Corrections and Justice Involved Under WIOA Part 1, TALAE 2020 Career Navigator Session - Navigating Systems and Making Connections in Reentry, 2018 AEL Summer Institute: Reentry Corrections - Meeting the Needs of Those Justice Involved. Rm. CEA helps its members stay informed about the latest developments in education practice and the corrections industry. The liberal arts in the correctional setting: Education benefitting free men — for those who are not presently free. 100% We urge anyone who can, to send donations to the Prison Lives project. Visit our conference page for the most up to date information regarding our national and regional conferences. We are a professional association of educators and administrators who work in adult and juvenile corrections settings all over the world. The multiplier effect PLI gets from teaching tutors effectively has created powerful positive effects in many institutional settings, and serves as a model for institutional education. We look forward to your feedback. Wilmington, OH: Wilmington College. Connecticut Correctional Education Association of Connecticut New Jersey Correctional Education Association of New Jersey New York Correctional Education Association of New York Pennsylvania Correctional Education Association of Pennsylvania × US Department of Education-Take Charge of Your Future, Vera Institute of Justice College in Prison Project, Highlights from the U.S. PIAAC Survey of Incarcerated Adults: Their Skills, Work, Experience, Education, and Training(Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, 2016), Community-based Correctional Education. Use our partners and resources to connect with a helpful local prison family help groups and learn how to sign up for inmate calls here. By submitting your request, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the External Link Website Policy of the Correctional Education Association, agree to comply with the requirements of the Policy, and represent that all information provided in this application is true and correct. They proved that long-term recidivism was reduced by 29 percent [3].

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