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Please check it out and let me know what you think! While you will want your own 4★ summon because they're good in general, there is a point where using Colossus Omega 3★ and Ifrit 4★ will be better than using 2 Ifrit 4★. In terms of how much ATK you gain, think of it like this. It is applied after every other modifier has been applied, on every damage instance, and also affects the character's damage cap. Their value decreases if you do not have full coverage; make sure to do your own calculations! I am not a whale and have little to no exposure to whale grids/strategies so my knowledge regarding these is limited. Last, we have the Unknown boost. OK, now that I understand the types of boosts, how do I apply it? That’s the most important and fundamental part of your grid. (✿◠‿◠). They also have the choice of providing Auto/Skill/CA/Chain Burst Cap up (same values as Ultima Keys, same types do not stack with Ultima Keys). What, were you expecting something that looked like THIS? That doesn’t mean you’ll get first place in MVP racing. I heard he was a pig of a husband though. Next, Omega boost looks at every weapon that comes from a primal beast raid, namely Tiamat, Colossus, Leviathan, Yggdrasil, Luminiera, and Celeste. You know how great the “MVP of Story Mode” is? So, as you can see, using 2 Ifrit 4★ gives you the most boost with this exact weapon pool. Without going too much into detail, stacking multiplicative boosts is usually more beneficial than just adding modifiers to an existing boost, as long as all these boosts have roughly the same potency. However, if you’re playing water, there’s a 99% chance you’re fighting Fire. It is a bit tricker here however, considering those weapons are not the commonly used Omega/Magna weapons; rather, the Medium ATK and Small Enmity weapons are used: Tiamat Bolt Omega and Celeste Claw Omega. Then you probably should be fighting on-element if you’re at this point in the game. In addition to this, if your summon says "X% boost to [element] ATK," then it is also an Elemental boost. CALCULATE Draws: 0 / 300 You can identify them if there is nothing in the top left of the weapon skill icon, or if there is a II or III. However, their actual computation involves notions of multipliers, critical chance, number of participants, so refer to the Detailed Formula article for details. Dark Opus Weapons were introduced with the Lucilius Raids and there are two versions for each element, one with Omega/Magna skills (boosted by Colossus and co.) and the other with Primal/Normal skills (boosted by Agni and co.). Henceforth, you may treat this as an “in-depth general reference” to help both new and maybe even experienced players(I seriously hope this guide at least helps you to SOME extent). However, with 7 Ancient Auberons in your grid, you go over the DA cap in your grid of 50% by over 20% with dual Leviathans. It is a staff, proof that KMR really hates water. UHHH. Your Normal boost would be 6+1% + 3*(3+1)% + 3*(3+1)% + 3*(3+1)% = +43% = 143%. However, knowing this information is still good for when you don't have all summon options. Oh and what makes the sky blue? For detailed information, check the Detailed Formula article.

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