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Now available with a € 25 discount. The space problem in the cities can also be solved with such a mobility solution: for example, Greenwheels users apparently saved 224,000 m2 of urban parking space – an area equivalent to around 51 soccer fields. Greenwheels differs from other automaker-affiliated providers in that the cars are location-based and reserved digitally. No deposit when you use your NS‑Business Card. You will then receive another e-mail from Greenwheels with the subject line 'Inschrijving voltooid'. That is where the cars are picked up and later re-parked after a trip. We offer both private and corporate subscriptions. Step 3: Open the car and drive. Just with 1 login. The first 80 kilometres are free, including fuel. A new registration will be processed within 2 hours. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the following rules. No subscription costs, and no deductible. There is no key handover required. Please note: the discount code is valid for 3 months, so don't wait too long to claim it after you sign up! General. If you already have an account, please complete the steps below: Once you have registered, you can reserve a Greenwheels car by clicking on 'Direct regelen' in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Select a location and the most suitable type of car for your needs. If you unsubscribe, you'll get this back, as long as you've kept up all your payments. Green Motion International, trading as Green Motion Car Rental are the license holders and operators of the Green Motion brand and car rental system worldwide. That way you only pay for your actual use of the car. That makes it even easier to transfer at 110 NS stations in the Netherlands. Although the climate debate was not as prevalent then as it is today and the level of individual private transport was lower, the founders had a feel for future forms of mobility. You are currently viewing Greenwheels Netherlands. The fact that the two founders of Greenwheels, Gijs van Lookeren Campagne and Jan Borghuis, made fruitful use of their student days in the early 1990s is evident to this day. Go to 'Book a Greenwheels car'. But you do need to pay for parking when you stop along the way. Next to that we also want a … Essentially, they are two completely different approaches. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can request it in Mijn NS Zakelijk under your personal details. If you choose your credit card as a payment method, we'll reserve this amount on your card. That depends on the number of hours you plan on using the car per month, and the number of kilometres you plan on driving. Gronstedt notes: "We are seeing that many companies want to improve the utilization of their pool of vehicles and at the same time open them up for private use by their employees. Car sharing on a free-floating basis and a station-based car sharing system only have the name in common. When you sign up with Greenwheels, we'll ask you for a deposit of €225. At least if we believe the conventional wisdom. This is because its users are not spontaneous one-way drivers who need to get quickly from A to B. In Germany the company maintains a fleet of 750 vehicles. Volkswagen Financial Services are a business division of the Volkswagen AG group of companies and comprise Volkswagen Financial Services AG along with its associated companies, Volkswagen Bank GmbH, Porsche Financial Services, and the financial services companies in the USA and Canada that belong directly or indirectly to Volkswagen AG – with the exception of the financial services of the Scania brand and Porsche Holding Salzburg. Much nicer than owning your own car. After paying for the fuel card, put it back in the on-board computer. Indeed, since Greenwheels has been run as a joint venture by Volkswagen Financial Services and Pon, the Dutch Volkswagen Group importer, it has developed over the years into a financially solid midsized company with a positive operating result in a market that is characterized in many areas by loss-making operations and fierce dog-eat-dog competition. For iDeal, the amount will be debited as a one-off. For any excess kilometres, you will pay € 0.30 per kilometre (including fuel). A deposit is paid, and a fee is charged for the actual use of the car. They asked themselves the following question: what if not everyone owned a car, but instead people shared its use and therefore its costs too? As well as our familiar red compact cars our fleet has now been expanded to include electric cars, estates, vans and many company cars. The way it works is simple: just create a Greenwheels account, download the app and use this to book and unlock a car. Under the leadership of Andrew Berkhout and Gronstedt's predecessor Alexander Hinz, for example, revenues and the number of customers have doubled in the last five years. If you unsubscribe, you'll get this back, as long as you've kept up all your payments. All users are required to pay a one-off deposit of €225,00. Comes in handy when you can't reach your destination with public transport. On the date and time of your registration, you can open the car by holding your NS-Business Card against the card reader in the windscreen. Deposit: how does it work? Sometimes it can take a few seconds after clicking the 'open car' button and the car actually opening. No deposit when you use your NS‑Business Card. You can read more about the deposit here. Click on 'Start your ride' and swipe up to open the car. At Greenwheels, you only need to log in once in order to reserve a car or change your data. Your IP: Whatever your destination, you can get there with Greenwheels. You can read more about the deposit here. When the tank is less than a quarter full, it is time to refuel. For more information, please read our Cookie policy. This website uses cookies. In the Netherlands, the company intends to expand its strong market position and profitably increase the proportion of its electric vehicles at the same time. Always remember to lock the car when you stop along the way. You can sign up with an OV-chipkaart. The company is without reason delaying the refund of this amount. And in the meantime, what was then a small niche business has since grown into a worldwide industry. You will be charged a € 255 deposit when you sign up. Sign up for free with Greenwheels and choose a subscription that suits your needs. Accordingly, the tariffs are geared towards round trips that can be planned in advance and with which longer family visits, for example, can also be arranged. In Germany, on the other hand, the focus is on selected cities in order to increase regional visibility and thus optimize the utilization of the fleet. Maintenance, cleaning, a designated parking spot, fuel card and more. You must enter it at the checkout. - Fuel is included. Because one thing was clear enough even back then: cars take up a lot of space and their fixed costs are high, especially in cramped cities. Today, the company is the largest car sharing provider in the Netherlands with a fleet totaling 2,700 vehicles. To this end, the company plans to further expand its presence in Berlin. Free-floating setups, which allow the car to be dropped off again at any place within a defined urban area, hardly appeal to Greenwheels customers. Volkswagen Financial Services Australia PTY Ltd. As things stand at the moment, Greenwheels operates the largest corporate car sharing fleet in the Netherlands with 900 vehicles, 20 customers and 150 locations. I was a customer from Greenwheels and canceled my subscription on 4 Dec 2017. We would like to explain it with some examples: - Greenwheels can be found at 1,850 locations throughout the Netherlands. We advise you to accept all cookies because the website relies on them to work properly. If you pay by direct debit, then this amount will be debited from your account after registration. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. You are not bound by office opening times. Nowadays there are white electric cars as well. So you don't have to go to a car rental company first to pick up a car there.

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