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Paper cuts don’t equal workplace hazards, and other myths around health and safety reforms debunked and demystified. A working from home health and safety checklist is a digital tool used to make sure that work-from-home employees have a safe home office that promotes their general well-being. If you are using any gas appliance, remember it needs an air supply to work safely and effectively. 0000001791 00000 n One day he notices the extension cord looks a bit worn, so buys a new one before he uses his computer again. 0000018378 00000 n It introduces new responsibilities for managing the work-related risks that could cause serious injury, illness or even death. Date of assent 4 September 2015. site, Some amendments have not yet been incorporated, Transitional, savings, and related provisions, Application of Act to intelligence and security agencies, Application of Act to aircraft in operation, Application of Act in exclusive economic zone and in or on continental shelf, Application of Act to prescribed high-risk plant, Certain provisions of Part 3 do not apply to members of Armed Forces, Part 3 does not apply to volunteer workers, Subpart 1—Key principles relating to duties, PCBU must consult other PCBUs with same duty, Duty of PCBU who manages or controls workplace, Duty of PCBU who manages or controls fixtures, fittings, or plant at workplaces, Duty of PCBU who designs plant, substances, or structures, Duty of PCBU who manufactures plant, substances, or structures, Duty of PCBU who imports plant, substances, or structures, Duty of PCBU who supplies plant, substances, or structures, Duty of PCBU who installs, constructs, or commissions plant or structures, Subpart 3—Duties of officers, workers, and other persons, Offence of reckless conduct in respect of duty, Offence of failing to comply with duty that exposes individual to risk of death or serious injury or serious illness, Specific provisions relating to liability of certain persons, Proof of intention not required for certain offences, Subpart 5—Duties to preserve sites and notify notifiable events, Worker engagement, participation, and representation, Subpart 1—Engagement with workers and worker participation practices, Duty to have worker participation practices, Subpart 2—Health and safety representatives and health and safety committees, Election of health and safety representatives, Determination of numbers of health and safety representatives for work groups, Further provisions relating to health and safety representatives, health and safety committees, and health and safety in mining sector, Further provisions relating to health and safety representatives and health and safety committees, Further provisions relating to mining sector, Subpart 3—Provisional improvement notices, Training requirements relating to issue of provisional improvement notice, Requirements relating to provisional improvement notices, Provisional improvement notice may include recommendations to remedy contravention, Minor changes to provisional improvement notice, Cancellation of provisional improvement notice, Display of provisional improvement notice, Offence relating to breach of provisional improvement notice, Regulator must ensure inspector reviews notice, Decision of inspector on review of provisional improvement notice, Subpart 4—Right to cease or direct cessation of unsafe work, Right of worker to cease or refuse to carry out unsafe work, Health and safety representative may direct unsafe work to cease, Training requirements relating to giving direction to cease work, Regulator may assist to resolve issues relating to cessation of work, Subpart 5—Prohibition of adverse, coercive, or misleading conduct, Meaning of prohibited health and safety reason, Prohibition on requesting, instructing, inducing, encouraging, authorising, or assisting adverse conduct, Civil proceedings in relation to adverse or coercive conduct, Civil proceedings in relation to engaging in or inducing adverse or coercive conduct, Procedure for civil proceedings for adverse conduct, Resolution of work health and safety issues, Regulator may appoint inspector to assist parties in resolving issue, Extension of time for compliance with improvement notices, Issue of subsequent non-disturbance notices, Formal irregularities or defects in notice, Display of notice at workplace by person issued with notice, When regulator may carry out remedial action, Power of regulator to take other remedial action, Subpart 3—Civil proceedings for non-compliance with notices, Civil proceedings relating to non-compliance with notice, Regulator may accept enforceable undertakings, Notice of decision and reasons for decision, When enforceable undertaking is enforceable, Withdrawal or variation of enforceable undertaking, Stay of reviewable decision on internal review, Person may notify regulator of interest in knowing of enforcement action taken by regulator, Limitation period for prosecutions brought by regulator, Extension of time if regulator needs longer to decide whether to bring prosecution, Limitation period for private prosecutions, Certain proceedings may be brought after end of limitation period if fresh evidence discovered, Order for payment of regulator’s costs in bringing prosecution, Release on giving of court-ordered enforceable undertaking, Subpart 9—General provisions relating to proceedings, State of mind of directors, employees, or agents attributed, Conduct of directors, employees, or agents attributed, Proceedings involving classified security information, Subpart 10—Inspectors and health and safety medical practitioners, Suspension and ending of appointment of inspectors, Inspectors subject to regulator’s directions, Power to deal with cause of imminent danger, Power to take samples and other objects and things, Power of regulator to authorise making of applications for search warrants, Continuation of powers of entry and inspection without search warrants, Immunity of inspectors and persons assisting inspectors or regulator, Offence for failing to provide inspector with correct name and residential address, Appointment of health and safety medical practitioners, Suspension and ending of appointment of health and safety medical practitioners, Powers of entry and inspection of health and safety medical practitioners, Health and safety medical practitioners may require workers to be medically examined, Health and safety medical practitioners may suspend workers in certain cases, Immunity of health and safety medical practitioners and persons assisting health and safety medical practitioners, Offence to hinder or obstruct health and safety medical practitioner, Offence to impersonate health and safety medical practitioner, Functions and powers of regulator other than WorkSafe, Proceedings not to be questioned for want of form, Designated agency must give effect to joint policy directions, Health and Safety at Work Strategy and workplace injury prevention, Sharing of information between regulator and regulatory agencies, Requirement of other regulator to notify WorkSafe of notifiable event, Requirement of medical officer of health to notify regulator of work-related notifiable disease or hazardous substances injury, Coroner may call for report on fatal accident, Consultation requirement relating to funding levy, Requirements for authorisation of workplaces, Requirements for authorisation of plant or substance, Requirements for prescribed qualifications or experience, Requirement to comply with conditions of authorisation, Offence to give false or misleading information, Subpart 4—Regulations, exemptions, approved codes of practice, and safe work instruments, Regulations relating to health and safety, Regulations relating to hazardous substances, Regulations relating to exemptions in respect of Armed Forces, Regulations relating to worker engagement, participation, and representation, Regulations providing for transitional matters, Consultation requirements for making certain regulations, Further provisions relating to regulations, Procedure for making regulations relating to definitions, exclusions, or exemptions, Regulator may grant exemption from compliance with regulations, Status and publication of exemptions granted by regulator, Publication and commencement of approved code of practice, Use of approved codes of practice in proceedings, Minister may approve safe work instruments, Minister may delegate approval of codes of practice and safe work instruments to regulator, Relationship between regulations relating to hazardous substances under this Act and Resource Management Act 1991, Subpart 5—Repeals, revocations, and consequential amendments, Health and safety representatives and health and safety committees, Provisions relating to classified security information.

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