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You can use manure onsite by spreading it as a fertilizer on an open area, pasture or field. Not suitable for horses. The MAXImiser Slopes and Plains Performance Mix provides a good balance of both winter and summer active grasses and legumes to allow for good overall production all year round. 12.5 kg/ha, Multiple grazings with rapid regrowth given moisture availability Ordering a lot of seed? The cost per application is much less and ordering the fertilizer and having it shipped to ny door saves me time and effort. Wormtec Worm Extract Organic Microbial Fertiliser is the organic fertiliser of choice designed to help you solve some of the problem you are seeing with your pasture turf grass, not treating the symptoms but going the extra step to solve the problem once and for all, re-building both soil and turf grass HEALTH, Whilst promoting longer root growth, and increasing animal health by the increase in pasture grass brix levels allowing your animals to consume more nutrients and nutrition from the same amount of grass normally eaten. Very good persistence into the second year Sowing time Soil type This blend provides a high quality pasture with a quick transition from a summer crop to an autumn/winter finishing pasture. Ordering a lot of seed? Soil type Sowing rate: 15-25 kg/ha, A highly productive short term, late maturing pasture blend for winter/spring grazing, silage and hay production. Got questions? Highly persistent pasture under a rotational grazing system. 5 years+ Winfred has long been a favoured product by many. The combination of prairie grass, a grazing brome and an early flowering perennial ryegrass offer a strong grass based pasture with quality feed spread through autumn, winter, spring and early summer. my lawn appears to be healthy. Click the button below to get your free quote started. Annual rainfall Your input is very much appreciated. Contents: Hunter forage brassica & Mach 1® annual ryegrass, A fast establishing, ultra quick growing Italian ryegrass blend providing winter/spring production for grazing, silage and hay production. Year round production 30 kg/ha The MAXImiser Instant Graze Mix is a great fit for farmers who require a bulk of quality winter feed. This blend is suited to free draining soils and will not tolerate low lying areas that wet during winter. Excellent sub clover content suited to a short growing season normally I use 17-17-17 from my local co-op with good outcome. 25-30 kg/ha, A specialised blend of cocksfoot and lucerne, suited to sheep and beef enterprises. Soil Compaction from large animals is a real problem that does have a huge impact on pasture grass growth and soil conditions, as when the soil is compacted pasture grass is unable to put its roots down through this compacted soil and the roots just grow side ways on top of this compacted soil. - High quality forage from the lucerne through spring/summer and autumn given the right conditions. Autumn Sowing rate: Ecotain® provides key minerals which benefit the animal, reducing animal health issues associated with grazing lucerne. 25 lbs dissolved in 500 gallons covers 5 acres, 3 to 5 lbs. BEAUTIFUL Chemical Free PASTURES and paddocks. 25LB bag dissolved in 500 Gallons is to be sprayed on 5 acres for best results. Late flowering extending the growing season A high quality pasture blend for medium to high rainfall or irrigated environments JD 2320, 200CX FEL/61" bucket , 46 BH/16" bucket, FEL Forks, 72" Snow Blade, Landscape Rake, Ballast Box, PHD, The Wife This amount (3 - 5 lbs of Fertilizer dissolved in 100 gallons of water) covers one acre. With the combination of late maturing perennial ryegrass, fescue, clovers and herbs the MAXImiser Premium Tablelands mix is the ideal choice for growers wanting to maximise pasture production and pasture quality. Clay loams/heavy clays Sowing time Horse Pasture Grass Seed - Horse pasture grass seed varieties for premium, low input and economical horse pasture grass seed applications. Fertilise your own lawn and gardens with our organic feriliser which can be purchased from our online store. Medium-high Please note: All equine pastures MUST be rested throughout the year and should never be overgrazed during the summer period. This late heading perennial pasture blend including herbs is ideal for high rainfall areas or irrigation. Provides better quality and variety in the diet than a stand alone millet crop Ideal for the farmer that requires balanced growth throughout the year the MAXImiser Dryland mix includes a range of pasture varieties that are palatable, persistent and nutritious. Fertility requirements: Medium - high Designed especially for the grazier who requires a reliable pasture for their farming system. Medium 5 years+ Highly persistent under hard grazing Sowing rate White clovers increase production and quality of pastures (summer rainfall or irrigation permitting) Establishment with palatability. Fertility The use of Hunter brassica allows for quick feed, while the additon of perennial herbs such as Tonic plantain and Choice chicory extend stand life and increase pasture quality. Sowing time It is combined with cocksfoot which is extremely persistent once established providing a strong grass base pasture through autumn, winter and spring. 25 kg/ha, A deep rooted perennial blend suited to low rainfall areas where other perennial species struggle to survive. 5 years+ Organic Horse and Cattle Pasture and Paddock Fertiliser Our Liquid Fertiliser for Pastures. Persistent in low rainfall conditions, Bulk autumn and winter feed Suited to clay-loam soils with medium-high fertility requirements. The number one choice for dairy farmers in high rainfall areas and/or with irrigation. 30 kg/ha These varieties are slower to establish so particular care must be taken at establishment stage. The blend will provide a fast establishing, highly productive pasture during the winter/spring period. Soil type: Clay - loam *Persistence will be influenced by a number of facts and is not guaranteed Contains late heading One50 perennial ryegrass for good autumn, winter, spring and early summer growth (season permitting) of seed? Fast 20-25 kg/ha, A premium pasture blend designed for dairy farmers requiring a high quality pasture over an extended period without causing endophyte related animal health problems. High quality and strong winter production extending through to late spring and summer The eastern horse mix is perfectly suited to the equine industry due to the grass species in this blend having exceptional tolerance to hard grazing. The fertilizer folks should be able to tell you what is needed for growing "your crop", pasture. That’s why horse owners demand the highest quality horse pasture grass seed that will provide palatable, nutritious forage for grazing. The addition of perennial grazing herbs Choice chicory and Ecotain® environmental plantain to an already high quality pasture will allow for even greater animal performance. 550 mm+ The combination of prairie grass, a grazing brome and an early flowering perennial ryegrass offer a strong grass based pasture with quality feed spread through autumn, winter, spring and early summer. Excellent clover content increasing overall quality of pasture Tolerant of heavy, wet and moderately saline soils Please refer to our Equine Mix brochure for more management tips. Establishment Tier price discounts will automatically apply to your shopping cart when you purchase the Your fertilizer is very water soluble making it extremely easy to mix , I did not need warm water,you might if the climate was cold. Ideal green manure crop improving soil structure, A long term summer active tall fescue based pasture blend for high stock performance in dairy, beef and sheep enterprises. This blend is suited to free draining soils and will not tolerate low lying areas that are wet during winter. Optimum first grazing: 10-12 weeks, Early sow option with moderate time to first grazing Tolerates light, textured, acid soils A blend of Ecotain® sown with Mainstar forage brassica as a cover crop. Persistence* This fertilizer seems to work very well for me!!!! I did find it much easier to spray with a heavy dew my tractor tracks stood out . Sowing rate Optimum sowing time: August - October, March - April (include 10 kg/ha Knight Italian ryegrass) Fertility requirements: Medium - high Sowing rate: Soil type: Sandy/loam The perennial ryegrasses in the Equiturf Blend have very low endophyte levels reducing the risk of health issues to horses. Quick establishment and fast coverage Fertility This blend is productive and persistent in dry periods, with rapid recovery when soil moisture improves. Excellent disease tolerance in both ryegrass and clover varieties allows good regrowth under a rotational grazing system Here, I can rent a spreader wagon, PTO powered with spinning plates and a walking floor (ground driven) that puts the granular fertilizer on the plates. Soil type: Wide range Sign up for Hancock Seed’s email service for exclusive offers and more! Gone are the days of planting tropicals on your sandy soil and struggling - Autumn: March - April 10kg/ha (650 mm+) Fertility High nitrogen fixation for subsequent crops increasing crop yields and grain protein (rule of thumb - every tonne of legume grown can fix approximately 25 kg of nitrogen below ground for subsequent crops)  *Persistence will be influenced by a number of facts and is not guaranteed Designed for the producer who wants to grow lambs quickly the MAXImiser Lamb Finishing Blend is able to provide year round quality and production. Please note: All equine pastures MUST be rested throughout the year and should never be overgrazed during the summer period.

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