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Bel Bel, like Thowra, is scared of people, although in her case because she had always been hunted for her unusual colouration. He is often chased by the Man. A loyal and kind horse and brother of Thowra who stands by his side in the event of trouble. He is a constant complainer who is never satisfied with his situation. The wise old owl who gives advice whether it is wanted or not. Yuri is a friend of Yooralla's, and sometimes leaves his herd to play with the orphan foal. Golden - A Palomino filly, brought to the bush by the Man and she is briefly freed by Thowra. As the series progresses, and Thowra and Boon Boon grow ever wiser and respected, Arrow remains foolish and very much in love with himself. Colour: Black possibly overo with two white socks (LF, RF) and a white zig-zag pattern on his flank. Register Start a Wiki. This is evidenced in the assistance he has sometimes given the other creatures. His father is a stockman who catches brumbies to sell. with a white face, Colour: Blue Roan (described as blue-grey). At the first sign of danger they fly up into the air crying "DANGER! ", She is to Thowra what Currawong is to The Brolga. utmx_section("Personal Footer"). Despite being the enemy of the High Country brumbies, the Man has a good heart and a gentle nature. Thowra - The "Silver Brumby". The Silver brumby of the title and heir to the throne of the Cascade Brumbies. Over the course of the series many interesting and colourful characters appear. She is level headed and wise in the ways of the bush. Yooralla befriends Charlie, The Old Prospector's grandson after Charlie and The Prospector free him from beneath a fallen log. An old mare from the south who comes to see if the legends surrounding Thowra are true. He hates Mopoke and has a very low opinion of Arrow in particular. A gentle spirited old man who lives in the High Country, he makes his living panning for gold in the stream near his hut. When she learns that she is indeed in the land of her mother's birth, Golden is overjoyed. Emus - A couple of loudmouth emus who gossip and mostly talk to each other. He cannot stand to see Boon Boon so unhappy when his father captures her, and releases back into the wild. Please note: This is a fan-made site and I take no credit for creating the characters. He flies over the High Country every day, and has a nest high up in one of the cliffs. She is also well connected, in a position to hear the gossip among The Man's cattle. Currawong - A chattering and observant bird, and Brolga's official spy. She is wary of any danger that comes in the bush and has a lot of respect for Thowra. A calm, good hearted horse who values his friends. He doesn't think much of Thowra, having been brought up to think The Silver Brumby is less than his legend. As much as Currawong is a bad egg, he does have a good side. The Man's black horse. She stands watch over the herd from The Brolga's rock while he is away. She sticks by Thowra through his journey from colt to stallion, always on hand to assist him when trouble comes his way. He and Yooralla get into quite a bit of trouble, in the winter snows, and the mysterious surroundings of Misty Lake. Thowra - The "Silver Brumby". She is a good-natured creature, though she seems to enjoy baiting Arrow in the same way as Mopoke. He returns to his paddock and his easier life. function utmx_section(){}function utmx(){} After her injuries are healed, she realises that she is not cut out for life in the wild, and remains with The Man. On arrival at Dead Horse Hut she learns of Thowra from Echo, and yearns to be free. I will only bother with horses that are actually named in the stories. Unfortunately he enjoys the taste of dingo meat. An arrogant and jealous horse who seeks an opportunity to prove himself better than Thowra, but often gets himself trapped. As well as being lead mare, it would seem that she is The Brolga's particular partner. BEWARE! A youngster who wants to live at one with the bush, like his grandfather, the Old Prospector. One of The Brolga's sons. There are also a select few that I left out as I didn't think they added anything to the stories. The Silver Brumby is an Australian animated children's television series written by Jon Stephens, Judy Malmgren and Paul Williams based on Elyne Mitchell's Silver Brumby books. It would seem that he brought his daughter up in the High Country, and likes that his grandson, Charlie, wants to learn bushcraft also. Charlie hates the idea of taking away the brumbies' freedom, and is reluctant to be dragged along on brumby hunts by his father. He is sometimes involved in brumby hunts in the High Country and uses Dead Horse hut as a base. (Edward Morgan). These two "Galloping gossips" are always on the lookout for news to spread among the High Country creatures. Ebony feels that he needs to prove himself by beating Thowra in a race. As the series progresses, Thowra grows from a brash young colt into a wise stallion under guidance from his friends, and with the good advice from his beloved brother, Storm. Read more about this topic:  The Silver Brumby, “Of all the characters I have known, perhaps Walden wears best, and best preserves its purity. Each time they cause destruction and sometimes pain. ).He has a sister named Goonda, who tells him that he will one day lead his father's herd. Two colts from Thowra's herd who foolishly follow Arrow when fleeing from a brumby hunt. He has been known to take a lump out of Currawong when he's had enough. She finishes her every sentence with a spirited "WHIP!". She is a wise old mare, who does not suffer rude and arrogant bullies. A calm, good hearted horse who values his friends. The two of them remain friends until Charlie's departure from the High Country. A friend of the Man, and fellow stockman. He and Anda almost cause Aranda terrible trouble while bolting from a snake. She is caught in a dingo trap and injured. After winning a race he is tricked up into the High Country by Currawong with tales of Thowra's speed. They seem to be the only emus in the High Country, though they have cousins on the plains who spend all of their time running. He has a mate named Silkie, and a daughter. He is also a friend to the Old Prospector, and helps him out more than once. Unfortunately he is injured trying to approach Thowra when he falls down a cliff. He becomes obsessed with capturing Thowra, and tries to find new and more cunning ways to do it. A total of 39 episodes were produced by Media World Features between 1994 and 1998 and was originally broadcast on Network Ten. _udn = "none"; The unknown mare who journeys from the South seeking her lost brother. Personality/Traits: Friend of the Silver Brumbies. It is likely that she has known Thowra and Storm since they were born, as Benni has. WARNING! For example, Star's mother from the first book and some of the grey fillies that Thowra/Windy has in his herd at first won't be getting a model replica as they are barely mentioned. He has a tendency to roar, and a very short temper. He is often chased by the Man. He is saved by Thowra and Boon Boon when they lead Anne to find the Man. This small lizard just wants a quiet life. As such he believes himself to be the rightful leader of their gang, and on occasion attempts to challenge Thowra for leadership. After hearing the bush creatures' tales of Thowra, and meeting him for herself she is able to return to the South satisfied that the legends are true, and that he will one day be a wise king. Unfortunately they have a tendency to get into trouble while playing their games. It is clear that he respects Thowra in the way he speaks of him. Storm - Brother of Thowra. She loves her brother, Yooralla, dearly and is glad that he has found such noble friends as Thowra and Boon Boon to care for him. One of The Brolga's daughters. After losing Currawong, he is found by Arrow who wants him to beat Thowra in order to prove that Thowra is not the best. Like the Old Prospector, Charlie is a friend to the High Country creatures. The small green bird comes to tell Thowra what she has heard if it something of consequence. Mrs. Dingo - A Dingo who is mother to two pups - Bindi and Warri. Characters. Though very rare as that is. As a result they are captured, and become too used to the food given to them by The Man to want to return to the wild. She showed her son Thowra the ways of the hunted life, passing all her wisdom to him, which in turn Thowra passed down to his mare, Boon Boon, his daughter, Kunama, and his grandson, … He rides his own personal black horse named Echo. Ebony learns his limits during his short time in the High Country, and becomes a bit more humble in the face of the brumbies' way of life. Benni has watched Thowra and Storm since they were born, and was friends with Thowra's mother Bel Bel. He also seems to find himself at odds with Currawong quite often. and Benni's wife. During the series she is also the one who is usually charged with teaching newcomers the ways of the High Country, namely Golden and Yooralla the orphan Foal. Her demeanour seems to be quite strict, evidenced by her conversation with Boon Boon who requests she (Aranda) moves the herd while The Brolga is away, though Boon Boon reveals to Golden that she and Aranda do not get on very well. She is also polite, and shows gratitude to Golden for returning a wayward foal. Her relationship with Boon Boon also warms as the two mares grow older. He must defeat the Brolga to the win back his father's kingdom. An old head on young shoulders, Storm is Thowra's older brother. Storm - Brother of Thowra. D&D Beyond His aggression towards, and jealousy of Thowra mellows, leaving behind a bit of a prancing fool who believes himself to be the bravest, greatest horse in the High Country. Aranda is The Brolga's lead mare. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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