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I'd say you're between jobs. This same usage is employed in "The Adventure of the Priory School" in reference to the Duke's former status as a cabinet minister. Should I answer chronologically or alphabetically? She stalls Sherlock on a number of occasions, leading him to false conclusions. He never spoke of the softer passions, save with a gibe and a sneer. Irene secretly texts the flight information to Moriarty, who in turn texts Mycroft, revealing that he is now aware of the MOD ploy to fool the terrorists trying to bomb a plane. She wears her dark hair in a vintage inspired updo, and dons bright red lipstick. Because of this, he has finally figured out the password and unlocks the phone with the word "SHER", so that its screen reads "I AM SHER-LOCKED". Mycroft confirms this: the US and UK governments have decided to fly an unmanned plane full of corpses so as not to alert the terrorists while avoiding casualties. Mycroft says 'Nicely played'. Is it not a pity that she was not on my level?" American All emotions, and that one particularly, were abhorrent to his cold, precise but admirably balanced mind. Eye patch... nice touch. Baker Street Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Behind the scenes Her flirtatious interactions are undermined by the fact she engaged with him in the first place to extort the British government. Sherlock. This "memory" is kept alive by a photograph of Irene Adler, which had been left for the King when she and her new husband took flight with the photograph of Irene and the King. She has significant connections in the criminal underworld, including hiring Moriarty to help her get the most use out of her leverage. That's his name... everyone has a weak spot and he found mine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When he returns to take it, he finds Adler gone, along with her new husband and the photo, which has been replaced with a letter to Holmes, explaining how she has defeated him, but also that she is happy with her new husband and will not compromise her former lover, provided the king does not try anything against her in the future. Later on, Irene reveals that she is still being hunted and asks Sherlock to decipher a code stolen from an MOD official. We actually find out that Sherlock had saved her and staged her death. When Holmes saw her in the flesh, even he acknowledged her as a true head-turning beauty, going as far as to comment on her being "a lovely woman, with a face that a man might die for". Gender Douglas provides Irene with a back story as a pint-size child vaudeville performer who was trained as an opera singer before going to work as a Pinkerton detective. Sherlock Holmes : She beat Holmes, and he admired her for it. Irene Adler (known professionally as 'The Woman') is the main antagonist of the BBC Sherlock episode 'A Scandal in Belgravia'.She is the last major pawn of James Moriarty to be defeated by Sherlock Holmes and can be considered the secondary antagonist of the second season.

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