is it possible to gain superhuman abilities

It is the fastest computer on the planet bar none and filled with unlimited potential. I simply don't know the secrets of the universe, … That was the most thorough,realistic and honest opinion ive gotten about this question. Thank you sooo muchhhh. "The art of magic is the art of employing invisible or so called spiritual agencies to obtain certain visible results. Well not exactly I still think one day that if humans use all of there brain they could control things with their mind.But the closest thing that could happen is that a scientist one day could make a suit.Kinda like iron mans. They believe that they simply aren’t possible. I was honestly expecting to be called a loon and have my question deleted. Superhuman memory abilities. Who do you consider the “sources”? That means you have a whole other 95% untapped resource in there. It’ll take quite a bit more work and miniaturization, but certainly. i really wish that i was born with super human strength, Your email address will not be published. Superhuman abilities are a fascinating concept and have been told since the dawn of humanity, but unfortunately, super-human abilities are impossible, but thanks to modern technology, you can talk to someone that is on the other side of the Earth. If you undo the conditioning and decades of what you were taught was true, you would be amazed at what you can do when you truly believe. So I was talking with my friends before about if they could have any super power what would it be and during that time I thought to myself: Man, it would be awesome to have superhuman powers. They are humans being born with an extra DNA strand that have abilities that most don't. In fact, you can develop amazing superhuman strength with a strength and power training program to create super strength and speed quickly. ? Put the information in your brain before going to bed to unleash your superhuman ability to remember things. Think again! Your mind creates your reality. Not always. And is that an aspect of your being that you might want to change into something more loving and constructive? By reducing the trigger, you postpone the body’s need for a breath. Lol I can't take over the world in 20 years with no powers. Flight, telekinesis etc and ea koetting named a nether of Azazel named kreh'la'teral that can teach you Amazing phenomena. Depends on the extent you're really talking about, but genetically engineered humans can have something fairly similar to a super-power. This isn’t some science experiment or a secret lab experiment done beneath layers of earth where no one can detect what’s going on. Are you deep down, insecure? How do you think about the answers? Only by introspection and thorough and intensive work on one's own character, i.e., the first two steps, and then, all that come after, can one safely work with these powers. I wanted to ask anyone who'll take me seriously if they think something is possible. I read in Franz Bardons books that its possible to gain superhuman abilities in the material world. Click Here to Learn More about Pullup Worktout Strength. Get your answers by asking now. Most of these writers are simply regurgitating things they have collected or read themselves. Finishing the entire ten steps of the program, you still won't neccessarily have developed any of those powers to the extent of causing direct physical effects. actually i discovered to my self when i was borm that im gifted. This Course is A Phenomenal Strength Builder for Both for Men AND Women! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Gaining such a power by relentlessly training the condensation of an element with the mind can take decades - you could have invested that time in spiritual growth and obtained your desired power regardless in an easier fashion in that time. I can not tell you about other, more powerful types of superhuman powers because I don't know the extent of what is possible according to the laws of physics. So I was talking with my friends before about if they could have any super power what would it be and during that time I thought to myself: Man, it would be awesome to have superhuman powers. Does anyone think its possible ? And you only use 5%. I have explained in a few previous answers how it could be possible for abilities like telekinesis to exist without violating the laws of physics. With the right focus and the right time to use your power it can become unbelieveably simple. There is actually quite a bit of scientific proof, or evidence, if you will, that indeed superpowers, for lack of a better term, are real and actually do exist. This isn’t some science experiment or a secret lab experiment done beneath layers of earth where no one can detect what’s going on. 100% possible to develop supernatural ability of any kind. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to move more weight in the gym, run faster, or increase any number of other strength and speed skills. yeah your right. Is it because you need proof before you can believe - do you lack faith? By the last few steps, your personality will have changed drastically. I believe it is completely possible for 'superhuman powers' to exist. I've taken my power to the next level many times over. Genuinely curious. Is it bad luck to kill a spider and bury it? You will not act out of fear or petty desire, you will be motivated by love and your true will. Pull-up workouts are one of the fastest ways to build incredible workout strength for upper-body strength & muscle mass. The answer, it turns out, is not quite as clear as it first seems. Don’t think you have what it takes? Your email address will not be published. Actually, we all do according to scientists. Have you read Franz Bardon's books thoroughly? Stan Lee brought fantasy to life with him comic book characters. The use of those powers is directly tied to your character and emotions. Thank you for Visiting! Flight, telekinesis etc and ea koetting named a nether of Azazel named kreh'la'teral that can teach you Amazing phenomena. He then set out on a quest to find real super humans throughout the world. I look forward to your comments and questions. As such, if there is a lot of fear or anger or jealously in you, wielding the elements will intensify these feelings dozensfold, and one will utterly destroy themselves and their surroundings. But, do you have to be born with superhuman abilities in order to achieve them? Once you do, your strength will increase 2, 3, and even 4 times your previous limitations. The Occult: News for armchair and practicing metaphysical skeptics. Find the source(s), skip over those who don't actually accomplish what they preach. What Bardon keeps asking you is "do I want to light candles with my mind, or do I want to be a better person, a less fearful and more positivized being?" by Garin Bader Press J to jump to the feed. And one of the reasons he has such a powerful body is because he trains his abs in a unique and spectacular way; Stop messing around with ab exercises that are useless for burning off the extra flab that's necessary to show off all your hard work. The first “superpowers” would be rather non-flashy: * Telepathy- As possessed by Matoko Kusanagi and her comrades in Ghost in the Shell. What do you guys and girls think? That we’re all limited by physical conditions that are just the same for all people on the planet. My blog is dedicated to helping you achieve your unlocking your ultimate strength, speed, and human potential. In fact, it would be incredibly valuable to deeply analyze why you want such powers in the first place. It would take a great act of "magic" for this to be possible and alot of time life will provide this magic or lessons at a great cost, maybe it will take him wasting 4 years and losing half his teeth, maybe it won't be until death, who is to say, but plenty of people are able to overcome this kind of condition using natural means after its allowed to more or less run its course, so really magic is not that different from regular life its just more easily noticed if anything and perhaps faster or slower than natural depending on the circumstances of the individual. Such agencies are not flitting about in space, ready to come at the command of anyone who has learned certain incantations and ceremonies ; but they consist principally in the unseen but nevertheless powerful influences of the Emotions and the Will, of desires and passions, thought and imagination, love and hate, fear and hope, faith and doubt, etc., etc. Who Has the Strongest Abs If you are a meth addict who is down to his last $20, which you will no doubt spend on meth, the best "magic" this type of person could do would be to have enough will power to stop smoking meth, get his life together ie start over and start saving money, getting over $100 for the first time since he stole some ladies purse last month. They are the powers of what is called .the soul ; they are employed everywhere and by everybody every day consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly.". What do you guys and girls think? So he obviously couldn't manipulate or change anything personally, yet he's blabbing like he's the source of knowledge. Discover How Pull-up Exercises Are the Ultimate Workout, An Olympic Gymnast Reveals the 5 Secrets of How To Do A Pull Up to. They will have you stare at the end of your nose with both eyes until your lose vision and fall into full body paralysis as a way of reaching enlightenment in just 3 days while becoming the most powerful god to every walked this earth, seeing perfectly into the farthest galaxies through Akasha, astral fluid and matter. 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