moose hunting quebec, zone 13

Located in the heart of the Abitibi region, in zone 13, on an exclusive territory of 205 km2/106 sq. Bring your family, friends or your business associates and enjoy the hunt of a lifetime. Join us for your next moose hunting adventure at Lake Dasserat, Quebec. Your weapon of choice – rifle, bow, or muzzleloader and needed ammo, Bedding – sleeping bag or sheets/blanket/pillow, Appropriate hunting clothes – depending on the season the temperatures can vary from the 70’s down to the 20’s in the same day, so dress in layers so you can adjust, Rain suit – if your gear is not waterproof! All prices are subject to applicable taxes of 14.5%, plus a 2$ lodging tax Coloration :  Dark brown to black back; brown underside; inside of legs gray to creamy-white; External characteristics :  Robust body; long legs with low dew claws; long, pointed hooves (13 to 18 cm/5 to 7 in); long head with large, drooping snout; chin with long “beard” (dewlap); high, arched shoulders with distinctive hump; very small tail (6 to15 cm/2 to 6 in); males with very broad palmate and scoop-like antler racks up to 1.8 m (6 ft) wide. We offer fully guided moose hunts in wildlife management. We can inform you once we have new hunts matching your search criteria. Flashlight – yes, it does get dark here at night…. The most productive destination for deer hunters continues to be Anticosti Island (Zone 20). Phone: 819 763-7862 (lodge) People who enjoy small game are also invited to come Hunting moose during the rut can be very exciting when these giants appear. The forest type and the well-managed logging makes our area a prime moose hunting area. Family atmosphere Get the information for the openning season of moose firearm hunting, bowhunting and crossbow hunting. The moose in our hunting area typically have spreads of 24-30 inches, with a few pushing the 50 inch mark. We can create your personal subscription based on your search criteria. Black bears are found mostly in the south of the province, below the 50th parallel. That triggered the destruction of the animals on the property, and the culling of nearby wild whitetails and moose. All rights reserved, Minist�re des ressources naturelles et faune du Together we will choose the area of your territory. Our 10-year management plan has ensured that moose density continues to grow. Booking requirements: We run our Moose camp in Northwest Quebec 20 miles south of Lebel Sur Quevillion and you can drive your vehicle right into camp. Some territories have been the target of well managed timber cutting. Some of the biggest moose in the Province of Quebec have been spotted in the Nemio area. miles, Lac Suzie Outfitters offers moose hunting with a high density of moose. Phone: 819 762-5894 (residence) So you can go moose hunting with a bow, crossbow, or a rifle during your stay no matter what date you book. Offering a quality hunting territory. The following morning the hunt begins! miles, Lac Suzie Outfitters offers moose hunting with a high density of moose. Moose like lakes, bogs, swamps, etc. Recipe & video: Tender goose with Morocco-inspired spices, Recipe & video: Tuscan walleye blends tastes of central Italy with a Canadian favourite, Blue Fish Radio: What Canada’s new Fisheries Act means for anglers, What hatcheries are teaching us about brook, brown and rainbow trout, 12 of the year’s best Canadian outdoor adventure photos. We offer you one of the best moose hunting experiences in Canada! Our 10-year management plan has ensured that moose density continues to grow. Food is plentiful for moose and access is easier for you, Other sectors are tailor-made for more adventurous hunters. A real paradise for hunting and fishing! Hunters should take note of Quebec’s new bear management plan for 2020 to 2027. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Next. as well as colors that take your breath away. detection of these animals while offering you a superb hike. If the need arises we resort to blood tracking dogs. There are more hunts that match your search criteria. The great T�miscamingue region offers a superb hunting Zone 12 and 13 0 40 80 Km ME TAD Map projection SOURCE Hunting zone Wildlife t erritory Park and territory where hunting is prohibited Ecological reserve Federal national park PRODUCTION M i n stè redFo ê , l au P c Direction des territoires fauniques structurés et de la gestion intégrée des ressources ©Gouvernement du Québec,2019 Looking for best hunting trips for You... Groups of 2 hunters minimum As soon as a hunt comes online matching this subscription you will receive a notice right to your inbox! Two hunters to tag 1 bull or 1 calf EXPERIENCE HUNTING IN QUEBEC OUTFITTERS CROSSBOW IS NOW LEGAL FOR ARCHERY SEASON! > SPECIES - HUNTING GAME Why your opinion about dealing with chronic wasting disease is important. Sorry, but this hunt is not available anymore. Located on the side of Lake Dasserat Looking for a challenge? Only 4 females over 4 years are collected thus providing a good ratio of male to females. Boots – waterproof ! Monitoring will continue for 2020, and hunters should be aware of the special regulations put in place to control the disease. View weather conditions, what to bring, and other helpful resources here. for a stay at the outfitter to practice their sport. Offering a quality hunting territory. Four hunters to tag 1 cow (when cow is allowed in the province) Email Us, Hunting and Fishing Adventures in North Western Quebec, Mike’s Driftwood Outfitters World Class Moose Hunting. Deposit of $200 per week is required upon reservation, balance is due upon arrival. And keep up-to-date with Canada's fishing and hunting authority! Most checkpoints came down after the hunting season ended on Oct. 13, with the last removed on Sunday when hunting ended in the nearby controlled harvesting zone managed by the Hunting …

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