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Drinking Water and Ground Water Trust Fund Grants to Protect Water Supply Lands Wednesday, September 9 at 12 noon with Sandy Crystall from NH Department of Environmental Services The New Hampshire Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund (DWGTF) was established under RSA 485-F to provide for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of drinking water and Read More Drinking Water Quality: General . Multiple samples collected 10/22/2020 and 10/29/2020 show the absence of bacteria. Associated Press. General health questions may be directed to your health care professional or the DES Environmental Health Program at (603) 271-4608. WELLS. Microsoft Excel format. 261 White Mountain Hwy / PO Box 222, Chocorua, NH 03817 -. ", 261 White Mountain Hwy / PO Box 222, Chocorua, NH 03817 - PUMPS. Lead can be poisonous to humans and animals, causing health problems from high blood pressure to nervous system disorders. NH Drinking Water Coalition invites New Hampshire municipalities to enter in the Drinking Water Festival’s Annual Water Taste Test Contest. The water system is planning a new well to address the issue. GEOTHERMAL HEAT/COOL. NH law sets tough PFAS limits in drinking water. Multiple samples collected 10/22/2020 and 10/26/2020 show the absence of bacteria. Multiple samples collected 10/13/2020 and 10/15/2020 show the absence of bacteria. WD-DWGB-2-1 Suggested Water Quality Testing for Private Wells, WD-DWGB-2-5 Considerations When Purchasing Water Treatment Equipment, WD-DWGB-2-11 Reverse Osmosis Treatment of Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-2-12 Ion Exchange Treatment of Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-2-23 Suggested Installation Practices For Drinking Water Treatment Aerators, WD-DWGB-3-4 Corrosivity of Water Supplies, WD-DWGB-3-8 Iron and/or Manganese in Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-3-9 Nitrate/Nitrite in Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-3-11 Mineral Radioactivity in Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-3-12 Radon in Air and Water: An Overview for Homeowners, WD-DWGB-3-14 Sand and Sediment in Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-3-15 Taste and Odor in Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-3-16 Hydrogen Sulfide in Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-3-17 Sodium and Chloride in Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-3-18 Air Bubbles in Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-3-21 Iron Bacteria In Drinking Water, WD-DWGB-3-22 Arsenic Removal and Disposal for Public Water Systems, WD-DWGB-3-23 Overview of the Lead and Copper Rule, WD-DWGB-3-24 1,4-Dioxane and Drinking Water, Drinking Water Advisory - State of NH DES, "SOAPY" DEPOSITS ON WATER FIXTURES, DISHES, & LAUNDRY, ROTTEN EGG ODOR, CORRODED PLUMBING, POOR TASTING WATER, RED/GREEN STAINS ON FIXTURES AND LAUNDRY | CORRODED PIPES (LOW PH), "Essential business needed to operate and maintain public and private drinking water. The boil water order has been lifted based on corrective actions taken and the results of recent samples showing the absence of bacteria. A boil water order has been issued due to the presence of E. coli bacteria in the source. WD-DWGB-2-1 Suggested Water Quality Testing for Private Wells. Top of Page; NHDES FACTS WATER - CONTAMINANTS - QUALITY. Multiple samples collected 10/26/2020 and 10/27/2020 show the absence of bacteria. System has 2 wells which provide water to the system. Tap water is generally thought to be a smaller source of lead exposure, but this can vary among homes, schools, and other buildings, and can add to other sources. Date Advisory Issued: 10/27/2020: Status: DES staff is working with the system to resolve the situation. All consumers are being notified by the system. More. All NH public water systems are eligible to enter the contest. This fun competition between public water suppliers provides an opportunity for public water systems to show pride in the quality of the water that they supply to their community. The Owner has been notified and consumers are being made notified. Lead more commonly occurs in drinking water due to the wearing away of piping, older plumbing fixtures, or the solder that connects pipes. Michael Casey . Download a free reader from Adobe. Samples collected on 10/22/2020 show values of 18 mg/L from each source.

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