should we sing hillsong songs

There are two advantages to this. With awareness comes responsibility. I think he has a point that we all need to hear. As I will explain, the Hillsong topic is more complex as it first appears. Therefore, my 102 year-old Catholic neighbor, who frequently attends Church, is guilty as well! (Romans 8, John 3, Romans 3) Is GOD lifted up or is it a man or pastor or music group getting the praise and honor and glory? open to/ serving: public open to/ serving: public open to/ serving: public, offers: spirituality food/drink food/drink. RE: Questionable And Controversial WOrship Songs. As a choir member, it offends my conscience to sing songs of a Church that teaches false doctrine. Specifically what many determine to be the prosperity gospel. I wouldn’t quote their pastors or let them preach in our church, so why would I use the songs they write (even if the theology contained within is sound)? It was tremendously helpful for me to have the chance to experience Hillsong and hear Brian Houston personally…straight from the horses mouth so to say. The weak person’s conscience lacks sufficient confidence (i.e., faith) to do a particular act without self-judgment, even if that act is actually not a sin. “Dissonance”, a 15th century, term that means a lack of agreement; especially: inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one's actions and one's beliefs — compare cognitive dissonance and an instance of such inconsistency or disagreement ( On the one side there are seemingly more people than ever, especially through the Internet, engaging in polemics, and yet it looks to me like there is a large number of younger Christians leaders who are reacting to this as if polemics is a pure evil. Are Christians the most persecuted group in the world? The certainly do stand for hyper-emotionalism though. It won’t work, for the church or for you. “We have no rivals, We have no Equals….” I hear them sing. Q: Are we committing this fallacy if we don't separate Hillsong Music from Hillsong Church? Are we intrinsically valuable or do we create value by believing self to be valuable? Are there essential differences between Hillsong Music and Hillsong Church? The weak in faith have a weak conscience on that matter, and the strong in faith, a strong conscience...“faith” here refers not to saving faith in Christ (14:22a makes that clear) but to the confidence a person has in their heart or conscience to do a particular activity, such as eat meat (14:2). 3. 14:13–15). one example of this fallacy is the genetic fallacy: when the focus is on the sources or origin of an idea; “something/one should be rejected because it/ they come from a bad source.” searches the secretes of the past for hidden motives to determine whether a proposition is true. I’ve also wondered how many churches have stopped singing Vicky Beeching songs since she came out as gay not wanting to associate with a lifestyle they don’t agree with or believe honors God. In Medieval times when a knight threw his gauntlet—an armored glove—into the arena, it was a challenge to fight. 4. Abortion: What Questions Should We Be Asking? Endorse, support or approve their Church either directly or indirectly: --The reasoning: “If I sing Hillsong music, it explicitly leaves the impression that I support their church theology (teaching).”. Does a song carry morality with it? What about the author's personal view of revelation, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, anthropology, sin, salvation, church, end times (future prophetic events)?

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