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Those who visit the gardens of the Southern Highlands Reserve describe a sense of peace and tranquility that are rarely found in the rest of the world. Peace. This is truly an enchanted spot – whether in spring when the azaleas are in bloom or in summer when the dark tunnel under the azaleas is enlivened with the white spires of Galax in bloom. Over the past few years Les has settled into 'The Kaya', morphing his surrounds to meet his expectations, including a feature low water gravel garden, a parterre (patterned garden), a feature meadow garden and a stunning array of plants nurtured by a born plantsman. We had the most amazing day and night. Peace. Share. Many experience a reverence and sense of awe as we behold the magnificence of the land. One of the best parts of getti, Aoife + Chris A brochure with map and garden locations will be available at each of the garden or plant fair gates. Plants are often found tucked away in shallow soil in crevices between rocks. From this north-facing terraced viewpoint, visitors can see Lake Toxaway and more than 16 distinct mountain peaks. Here, the patient pace of nature slows our feet, the wind gently whispers in the trees, and memories of the mountains are heard in the ripples in the pond, like echoes from a distant time long forgotten. (select as many as relevant), Google SearchInstagramWebsiteFacebookOther, Aoife + Chris The Chestnut Lodge invites nature right to its front door, incorporating native azaleas, rhododendrons and mosses into the design of the garden room known as the Chestnut Lodge Green Roof. Established in 1994, the garden has grown to cover the full 5 acres of the property, spanning different aspects and faces of the property to give completely different growing climates, accommodating a range of plants. In support of the Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens, each year 5 privately owned gardens open their gates to visitors . Book your Visit. Finally, and most importantly, the answer to “how” the gardens would be developed: to uphold and be in accordance with the spirit of the land. Upon recognizing the land would provide a unique educational opportunity, the gardens were established to serve as an arboretum of native plants, showcasing the rare ecology of high elevation Southern Appalachian forests. Wedding Ceremony EnquiryParty EnquiryPhotographers EnquiryWedding Photoshoot EnquiryPartnership Enquiry, How did you find out about The Secret Garden? … Whether you are engaged or getting married, you have an important event or simply want to get some beautiful photography done, The Secret Garden is the perfect location. A gnarled Freemanii Maple marks the entrance to the Reserve, defiantly proclaiming its unlikely existence on the mountaintop. From this flower-covered path, you can follow the stone steps to access other areas of the Core Park like the Wildflower Labyrinth and the Azalea Walk or stroll down the path to the Vaseyi Pond and Viewsite. Aoife and Chris came to view t, Looking for a simple alternative to a large indoor, Outdoor wedding ceremonies are beautiful any time, It is rose and clematis flowering season at The Se, It is the start of peony season here at The Secret, There's nothing quite like seeing the property fro, And here comes the bride... Open 10.00am to 4.00pm. Event Date: 1 Sep - 30 Nov 2020. The hosts are so obliging and wonderful. Visit our Gardens and return to a sense of peace as you watch the forest grow. Share. You would not be disappointed with The Secret Garden. The Secret Garden is the love child of Kathy Finigan, a horticulturalist with over 30 years of experience. The hosts are so obliging and wonderful. In places, the going is easy as low growing plants brush along your knees. Based on a traditional seven-ring labyrinth, Gary Smith, our Landscape Architect, designed the plantings to emulate life’s journey. We develop a relationship with nature in these moments, pausing to feel the duality of permanence and of change. As a nationally significant Natural Heritage Area, these fragile microclimates must be vigilantly preserved. The Wildflower Labyrinth, located in the heart of the Core Park, is vibrant with color throughout every season, from the pale yellow and light blues of spring to the rich hues of bright gold and deep purple in summer. Across from the Vaseyi Pond, visitors will experience a breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from our perch atop Toxaway Mountain, known as the Viewsite.

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