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Where defunding efforts are still nascent, understanding the gaps between spending on social services and policing will be key to determining how much funding to redirect, policymakers say. $15 million was cut from the Portland Police Bureau, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. 'Defund the police': Reallocations could fund minority entrepreneurship instead. But inside the home, a wife was in hysterics: Her husband had locked himself into the bathroom and was threatening to kill himself with a box cutter. It was May 2019, and Herod, a Colorado state representative from northeast Denver, was in Eugene, Oregon, on a ride-along with a crisis intervention team that takes the place of police response. Several more have proposed taking police out of schools. “Studies have shown that students are more likely not to graduate from high school if they are arrested. Trump’s Special Twitter Treatment Would End With Biden Win, Bannon Suspended by Twitter; YouTube Removes His Video on Fauci, UBS Sued for $500 Million by Chinese Tycoon Over Deal Gone Awry, U.S. Stocks Post Biggest Weekly Gains Since April: Markets Wrap, More U.S. States Hit Highs; NYC Fears Second Wave: Virus Update. She’s not sure what would have happened if a police officer had arrived instead. While some cities are cutting and redirecting police department budgets, others are taking the opposite stance. That would translate into an estimated $9 million in savings cut from “areas within the department least likely to reduce violent crime and most likely to contribute to the criminalization of Black and Brown people.”. And the primary election for Baltimore mayor will mean new leadership at the top, too. … We have to meet people where they are. Someone with a gun, or a social worker you have a relationship with? On June 1, with money from a 2018 ballot initiative championed by Herod that put about $2 million into mental health and substance abuse programs, Denver launched Support Team Assisted Response, or STAR. What kinds of jobs could we create in the city for unarmed safety officers to be able to do that kind of work?”. While more than 33.5% of St. Louis, Missouri’s general fund and 20% of its total city budget went to policing in 2019, only 2.3% of the city budget went to mental health according to an analysis by Local Progress. As a Black woman, she understands the fear that many in the Black community associate with police. These 8 cities are slashing funding for police departments — and these... slash part of the New York Police Department’s $6 billion budget, Baltimore City Council approved a plan to cut $22.4 million, San Diego City Council approved a $27 million budget increase, the Durham City Council approved a 5% increase, Popular trucking radio show host “dismissed” following warnings regarding “political talk” on his show, Homeless bicyclist dies after running red light, crashing into semi truck, Port of NY & NJ says ‘seasoned’ drivers can make $250K in comments to FMCSA. After a recent CDLLife poll indicated that truckers were reluctant to deliver to cities with “defunded” police departments, we rounded up a list of some of the cities that are making major changes to their police departments. On one of her first calls, STAR responded to an elderly man who was frustrated by his broken wheelchair. For our staff, there’s almost disbelief at the volume of validation.”, For Herod, the first openly LGBTQ African American to hold elected office in Colorado, the fight for more mental health resources is personal: Herod’s older sister has been “caught up in the prison industrial complex” for most of Herod’s life, battling addiction and other mental health ailments. “As we have created this austerity situation where poverty has increased and the gaps between the rich and the poor have increased, we’ve also created this really huge police department that has lots of military equipment and a lot of surveillance,” she said. Activists were encouraged by the move, but it falls far short of what they’re seeking: a dramatic slashing of the $1.86 billion budget to represent just 6% of the city’s discretionary fund, rather than 53%. On June 7, members of the Minneapolis city council announced something that just weeks ago might have seemed politically untenable: They would disband the Minneapolis Police Department entirely, and start over with a community-led public safety system. We need to look at alternative responses.”, Pazen believes the benefits of a crisis intervention team are twofold. “These ideas are not new, but what we are seeing today is the emergence of a groundswell of support for them from elected officials and — most importantly — from their communities and constituents across the country,” says Sarah Johnson, the director of Local Progress, an alliance of local policymakers that advocate for progressive reforms. “Our commitment is to end our city’s toxic relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department, to end policing as we know it, and to recreate systems of public safety that actually keep us safe.”. On June 12, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced plans for a crisis intervention program similar to CAHOOTS as part of various police reforms throughout the city, acknowledging that “a lack of equity in our society overall leads to a lot of the problems that police are being asked to solve.” Similar proposals have popped up in Los Angeles and Albuquerque, and Portland is set to launch its own crisis intervention team in the coming weeks. “We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, and it’s always been about putting our head down and getting to work. And we don’t have a badge or a gun or taser, so our interaction, especially for people of color, isn’t informed by generations of oppression. Other cities are heeding demands to reduce police resources. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence.” Though she says more research needs to be done before the council identifies a target number for divestment, she says the city could start by getting Chicago police officers out of public schools, and halt plans to build a new $100 million police academy. Frequently, Sailon says, people tell her to “be careful” at work. According to operations coordinator Tim Black, CAHOOTS has also been in conversations with cities in Texas, Kentucky and New York. Sailon worked her various social service contacts around Denver, ultimately connecting the man with the local Veterans Affairs office and getting him a new wheelchair. Though the mayor reaffirmed on Monday that he wouldn’t support the dissolution of the force, the council has secured a veto-proof majority. But an emergency response team that doesn’t involve police is a plus, Sailon says. And Eugene's 30-year-old program CAHOOTS, or Crisis Assistance Helping Out on the Streets, is the model other cities are looking to as they form their own programs. She wishes the general public had a better understanding of mental health struggles and how those in crisis are treated. The concept of defunding the police is quickly gaining traction, and some cities are moving to make it a reality. After a recent CDLLife poll indicated that truckers were reluctant to deliver to cities with “defunded” police departments, we rounded up a list of some of the cities that are making major changes to their police departments. But lawmakers in at least 16 other U.S. cities have proposed or made pledges that would divest some resources from the police. [Photo: Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images] By Christopher Zara 1 minute Read Rodriguez-Sanchez says public support is growing for non-financial reforms, too, including a push to create a Civilian Police Accountability Council, which would introduce more public oversight over the police department. “This is about: ‘How can I help you? Some folks have experienced historical trauma, and the uniform, the badge, it reignites that. “We have to reexamine, reevaluate and reimagine what public safety looks like in the future,” Pazen says. By reducing the number of police deployed, de-militarizing them, and rethinking their role in prosecuting smaller offenses, advocates say cities could cut departments down to scale. Two city councilmembers in Hartford, a city of 122,000 in Connecticut, have proposed what Local Progress believes to be “the largest percent reduction currently being proposed among cities with largest police-to-population ratio.” The policymakers, Wildaliz Bermudez and Josh Michtom, are calling for a 25% cut of the police budget. “The police chief and the sheriff have been strong advocates of broad reforms to the criminal legal system, but the questions around defunding or divesting obviously go further than reform,” she said. A year ago, the city committed half a million dollars to Portland Street Response, and the pilot program involved one van in a southeast Portland neighborhood. Councilmembers haven’t yet taken a vote or elaborated on what a plan might look like and activists question whether eliminating the department is even a good idea without clear plans about what will replace it. What do you need?’ We need to see every person we help not as someone who lives on the street but as a customer – and customers always get treated with respect.”. While policymakers work to reduce the number of police on the streets, public school systems like Minneapolis’s that have contracts with local departments or employ their own officers are taking similarly bold steps in their hallways. She’s also joining activists in calling on the city to close a medium-security jail nicknamed “the Workhouse,” where only about 100 primarily non-violent offenders are held, the vast majority of whom are awaiting trial but cannot afford bail. Advocates say programs like CAHOOTS offer a better, safer alternative. “And that if we’re perpetually underfunding all these support services that can actually prevent crime, that’s actually causing us to have higher crime rates.”. Communities and people are better served, and police are then able to use their skill set and pursue “high-level crimes and traffic safety.”. “Let’s say you’re asleep on the street,” Black says. “The uniform alone," she says, "can be trigger for people depending on what their past experience has been, especially if they have a history in the criminal justice system. Last summer, Durham’s city council denied a $1.2 million proposal to fund 18 new police officers, instead raising wages for part-time government workers in a city where crime has consistently declined. And why some say 'reform' is not enough. In Eugene, CAHOOTS is usually sent out if it’s not a criminal or medical emergency; the program takes about 20% of calls that come in. Every time law enforcement touches a student, they are more likely not to complete school.”. An EMT, also part of the crisis team, took the man’s vitals, helped him take his medication and even persuaded him to eat a sandwich. And as a Black woman in a white world, Herod understood from a very young age that calling the police “could mean my brother or sister ended up dead.”. On December 1, Youngtown, Ariz., joined the ranks of the many U.S. cities and towns that have fired their local police forces. In a proposed amendment to councilmember Charles Allen’s police reform bill — which would “find savings in MPD’s budget” — Grosso offered a plan to limit the number of sworn officers to 3,500, and to put a hiring freeze on the department if it exceeds that number. After peaceful protest in front of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s house and on the streets of Los Angeles, the city became one of the first where true police defunding will take hold. While Sailon isn’t a proponent of housing people with mental illnesses in large institutions again – the abuse documented in those institutions led to the shuttering of hundreds of facilities across the country – she says the problems came from a gap in resources. As more cities vote on their budgetary spending in the coming weeks to prepare for the start of the new fiscal year, the number of police departments in both categories is expected to increase. We can’t afford to waste money by paying police officers to come in and not just disrupt education, but really funnel kids away from the educational system and into the criminal system,” said Sylvia Torres-Guillén, the ACLU of California’s director of education equity.

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