what episode does isaac move in with scott Parrish arrives, catching and holding the Beast's essence captive. (Read More...), Isaac explains his encounter with the Oni to Allison and her father. After Derek finds Erica's body, he mourns her death and carries it out of the bank. Peter is drugged with yellow monkshood, brought back to Beacon Hills, and incarcerated in the prison of Eichen House for supernaturals. In "Insatiable", when Kira is stressing about recent events and the secrets she's learned, Ken comforts and advises his daughter, saying as a Kitsune, she has a lot to learn, specifically the game of Go in order to combat the Nogitsune, known as Baduk in his native Korea. Melissa calls Scott and Kira to the hospital, and Scott siphons his heavy pain, and Corey stops screaming. Isaac later reveals that he found them and also Erica's body when being captured and escaping. In Season 2, he is first seen in episode "Ice Pick". She is saddened when Derek supposedly dies, though she keeps on fighting. Hayden eventually accepts some of the debt. Scott and his Pack catch onto Garrett. Araya is most often portrayed as easily amused with a wide smile on her face, while simultaneously displaying her ruthlessness and cruelty towards supernaturals, particularly werewolves, typical of a hunter, or hunters who violate the Code, even people who cross her as she murdered one of her own men for "robbing" her. In "Galvanize", they say they need to join a new Pack as they are now Omegas and enemies will come for them because of their time with Deucalion. The Nogitsune loses his power, his Stiles shape which collapses and dissipates like dry clay, reverts to the form of a fly, and Isaac seals him in the triskele urn, putting an end to his threat. Isaac and Allison dance at the black light party and then Allison finds what appears to be the number "5" branded on the skin behind his left ear. Ethan is gay and begins pursuing Danny Mahealani, while Aiden begins a liaison with Lydia. In "Alpha Pact", he helps Scott, Stiles and Allison find their parents, by proposing they take a sacrificial Druid ritual in order to locate the Nemeton which will have consequences for them, leaving a "scar" around their hearts for the rest of their lives and being substitute Guardian sacrifices for the parents which will fully revitalize the Nemeton, subsequently attracting the supernatural to Beacon Hills like a magnet. [34] Brian Patrick Wade has been cast as Ennis, an alpha werewolf who is described as a "force of pure brutality". Brunski lets them into the file room, but just as Stiles realizes Lydia wrote down his name on the list, Brunski sneaks up behind them and tasers both of them. He experiences head pains, the silver lids over his eyes appearing now and then. When his hellhound abilities manifest, Parrish is engulfed in a nimbus of flames, embodies fire himself and his eyes also glow with fire. Marin supplies Stiles with amphetamines to keep him awake as he needs to avoid sleeping when he'll be most vulnerable to the Nogitsune possession. Parrish responds that he transferred to Beacon Hills because he felt drawn there, thinking he needed a change of space. The relationship between Beta Werewolf Isaac Lahey and True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall. After being trapped in grave by an overturned backhoe, Derek Halerescued Isaa… It's revealed Valack was chief medical officer at Eichen House before his imprisonment. Back in grade school, Liam had accidentally backhanded Hayden's face during a fight he had with another boy on year book picture day as collateral damage, for which earned she bears him a grudge. Parrish touches the tree stump. He doesn't act on his attraction because Matt's into Allison. When Cora is dying of mistletoe poisoning in "Alpha Pact", Peter tells Derek of a technique to cure sickness with pain transference as a way to save her, but he'll give up his Alpha status. Theo declares to the four other Chimeras he is their Alpha and they are his Pack. In "The Sword and the Spirit", Natalie maintains her belief that Lydia is save at Eichen House and that she's being prepped for legal and medical electroshock therapy, in spite of Stiles' protests. Parrish offers input that perhaps what she needs to tell Lydia may be a number to call. Garrett enters the cage, attacks the Ghost Rider and kills it by taking a bite out of its head and eats its pineal gland, which grants him the power of a Ghost Rider and changes his eye color to emerald. Deucalion tells Theo the secret to stealing power is to "take their pain, take their life, take their power" which leads to Theo murdering Josh to siphon the latter's power to use the Dread Doctor mask to identify the Beast. Jordan Parrish himself had actually died when the IED back in Afghanistan exploded on him, but the hellhound took over, allowing him to live on. Described as having "an eloquent, cutting intelligence", the new werewolf will set a plan in motion to turn Derek and Scott against each other, ripping the Beacon Hills supernatural community apart at the seams. Erica was shown to be close to both Isaac and Boyd throughout the season, and repeatedly antagonized Allison. Isaac lived with his father, Coach Lahey. In "The Sword and the Spirit", Corinne holds Deaton at an abandoned base in the industrial estate and waits for Malia to arrive. He and Erica attempt to flee Beacon Hills, but are trapped by the Alpha pack, leaving their fate uncertain. In "Relics", Mason believes Parrish could be the key to stopping the Ghost Riders. The artifact was used by the Hales teach their young control on a full moon. The Nogitsune riddles Stiles with the question, "Everyone has it, but no one can lose it. In their lair, he wickedly advises new Chimera, the delinquent Donovan into killing Stiles if he wants to cause the Sheriff "soul-crushing pain".

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