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Piątka przyjaciół - Sally Hardesty, jej niepełnosprawny brat Frank, Pam, Kirk i Jerry - jadą przez Teksas. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 2003 American slasher film directed by Marcus Nispel, written by Scott Kosar, and starring Jessica Biel, Jonathan Tucker, Erica Leerhsen, Mike Vogel, Eric Balfour and R. Lee Ermey. But all the bad-rehash mojo from Friday the 13th to The Blair Witch Project has infected Scott Kosar's script. k. "[16], The remake includes references to the previous film, including John Larroquette, who returns in his role as the film's narrator. A two-disc Platinum Series Edition was also released that same day, containing a collectible metal plaque cover, three filmmaker commentaries with producer Michael Bay, director Marcus Nispel and others, crime city photo cards, deleted scenes, an alternate opening and ending, Chainsaw Redux: In-Depth documentary, Gein: The Ghoul of Planifield documentary, cast screen tests, art gallery, seven TV spots and trailers, heavy metal song Suffocate by "Motograter" Music Video, a soundtrack promo and DVD-ROM content, including script-to-screen, A UMD version of the film was released on October 4, 2005,[citation needed] and on Blu-ray on September 29, 2009. The consensus is: "An unnecessary remake that's more gory and less scary than the original. N'oublies pas de t'abonner pour ne pas rater les prochaines vidéos de Top Cinéma: !Les meilleurs films de Fiona Dourif nous présente...Les meilleurs films de Fiona Dourif6. When Monty realizes that Andy is inside, he summons Leatherface, who attacks him with a chainsaw. [33] Special features include seven TV spots, a soundtrack promo and trailers and a music video for Suffocate by Motograter. A prequel was released in 2006, titled The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. [37], The second was the film's original score as composed by Steve Jablonsky. Meanwhile, Hoyt arrives at the mill, and disposes of the hitchhiker's body. Hoyt then handcuffs Morgan and drives him back to the Hewitt house, taking the van's key with him. [38], Trailers and TV spots used a version of This Mortal Coil's cover of "Song to the Siren", which was just recorded for the trailer and was sung by the singer Renee of the band Moneypenny. Opowiada im niezrozumiałe rzeczy i nagle rani brzytwą Franka. Adjusted for inflation as of 2018 the film would have grossed over $162 million. After they try to talk with the hitchhiker, who speaks incoherently about "a bad man," she pulls a loaded revolver from between her legs and shoots herself in the mouth. The MessengerWill revient chez lui après avoir combattu en Irak au sein de l'armée américaine. On December 5, 2001, Creature reported that Michael Bay's newly created company Platinum Dunes (which was created in order to produce low-budget films), had set its focus on remaking The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. "[24] Robert K. Elder of the Chicago Tribune rated it 3/4 stars and called it "an effectively scary slasher film" despite its absurd premise. [11], Jessica Biel, who previously starred in the television series 7th Heaven, was cast as the main character Erin. Erin wakes up at the Hewitt house, surrounded by the entire family: Leatherface, his mother Luda Mae, Hoyt, Monty, and Jedidiah. Mais pendant le weekend de l'enterrement de sa mère des gens meurent, la femme découvre que le coupable pourrait être 'Chucky' l'étrange poupée quelle à reçu quelques jours plus tôt...2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the first film to be produced by Platinum Dunes, who would go on to produce remakes of several other 20th-century horror films. NSFW Philosophy … Germy states that the sword is not a part of the owner's private collection, and tells the detectives that the voyeur was at the drive-in around the time of the latest double murder, and that he managed to write down the man's license plate number. "[31], The BBC's Jamie Russell gave the film some praise, referring to it as "a gory, stylish, and occasionally scary push-button factory of shocks and shrieks remarkably better than anyone had the right to expect. That night, the killer strikes again, impaling two lovers while they are making out in their vehicle, and leaving a sword behind. Kemper goes inside to look for Erin, and is killed with a sledgehammer by Thomas Hewitt, also known as "Leatherface", who drags his body into the basement to make a new mask. Tandis que Nica réalise qu'elle n'est pas l'aliénée qu'elle estimait être, Andy l'ennemi de Chucky, vole à son secours. A woman prays at the memorial cemetery in Potocari, after the first public showing of Bosnian filmmaker Jasmila Zbanic’s film on the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica – “Quo Vadis, Aida?”, in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica, Oct. 10, 2020. There's no point in making the exact same film with the exact same look. After finding marijuana on the dashboard, he orders Erin and Pepper to get out of the van, gives Morgan the gun he took from the hitchhiker, and tells him to reenact how she killed herself. Without an actor for the film's main antagonist, the filmmakers called and asked if Bryniarski still wanted the role, which he accepted. Les meilleurs films de Fiona Dourif. Znajduje się tam opuszczony dom dziadków Franklina. After Erin discovers that Kemper is missing, she and Andy go back to Monty's house, and Erin distracts him, while Andy searches for Kemper. Alcoolique, il distille sa propre gnôle et contient difficilement la violence qu’il a en lui… Quand Freddie rencontre Lancaster Dodd – ' le Maître ', charismatique meneur d’un mouvement nommé la Cause, il tombe rapidement sous sa coupe...Backsound by Ben-sound To prepare for the role, Bryniarski ate a diet of brisket and white bread in order to get his weight to nearly 300 pounds. The suit also heated up quickly, so the actor had to ensure that he drank a lot of fluids before a shoot. La chaine Youtube du site (EN CONSTRUCTION) Films d'horreur avec infos, nouvelles, cinéma, forum et beaucoup plus ! The film suddenly comes to an abrupt end where an on-screen text states that other drive-ins throughout the country are now being plagued by similar bloodbaths, and that the killer's identity is still unknown. [17], The weather during filming was very hot and humid. Investigating this dual homicide are police detectives Mike Leary and John Koch, who interview the drive-in's boorish manager, Austin Johnson, and the odd custodian, Germy.

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